Ni No Kuni is Getting a North American Release

Level-5 has just made a lot of people happy today by announcing that the highly anticipated Ni no Kuni on PS3 will be getting a North American release.

It’s due out in early 2012, and although there has been no mention of an EU release the PS3’s region free capabilities means IMPORT! Oh yes, 2012 just got 115% more amazing.

Source: GameSpot



  1. Woho! \o/

  2. Western release was confirmed more than 1 year ago on Nintendo Power magazine, nº 157.

    • Nothing confirmed there, only hinted at. This is an official confirmation.

      • Excellent then. I would love to see both DS and PS3 version on english, no matter if they are PAL or NTSC. If only NTSC is released, import will be the way to happiness.

      • I think the announcement is referring to the PS3 version here. The DS version might have some issues due to the emphasis on that book of runes, which they will need to translate, and there’s Nintendo to deal with too.

    • A little vague good to have a confirmation finally, was worried that it might not be released in the west.

  3. Awesome, awesome news!

  4. Excellent

  5. I’ve emailed Level-5 till the point of stalking law infringement, but no comment on EU release; no surprise really, but import it is, hurrah!

  6. We’ve been having a Ghibli-fest in our house lately, so this is definitely on my radar.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me…

    “Ponyo, Ponyo, Pony, fishy in the sea…”

  7. Happy!

  8. Fantastic news! Can’t wait for this one.

  9. HUZZAH! Please come with jap language and eng subs! That’s how I’ve watched all of Ghibli’s films so it would mean alot to me.

    • I’m sure they will include the Japanese language option, I would be very surprised if they didn’t. They must be aware the fans would cry for blood if they neglected it.

    • Hadn’t thought of that.. silly me, would be a must!

  10. Nice.

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