Meet the Reader: Sympozium

Sonic? But everyone loves Sonic!

No, I mean Sonic ’06.

Oh, now I get you! Yeah, not many people liked that game. What are the 3 games that you’re looking forward to from now until Christmas?

I’m not really sure but so far I’d go for Ace Combat, Dark Souls and Dragonball Z.

Another very interesting set of choices. Far removed from the usual three that I get told. I reckon now would be a perfect time to explore your other likes outside of gaming?

Other than gaming, it’s usually playing the entire albums from the mighty Rhapsody of Fire, or any Metal band, or just randomising Folk Metal with other genres. All I do is sit at the computer, or watch the odd episode of Dr Who and Top Gear.

You do like your Metal. I had a glimpse at your TSA profile page earlier, and it’s quite imposing. Then again, that could just be the wall of text.

Well, if you mean the stuff, then yeah, it’s quite lazy.


You’re also quite a big fan of Anime and Manga, aren’t you?

Yeah, I quite like to watch anime like Gundam and Dragonball, but anime wouldn’t normally be what I watch all of the time. It depends.

If I were a newbie with watching anime, which I totally am, what would you recommend for a beginner?

Well I don’t really know what would be the most interesting at the moment. The only I can think off is the latest series of Mobile Suit Gundam, which is Gundam 00 I believe.

What anime did the avatar your using, and image at the top of this interview, come from?

Its weird, but its what I’m using now, just like the show… Shin Chan. It’s about a kid who’s very naughty to his parents and the public. Including public indecency.

Or something…

That sounds bizarrely awesome! Being just 19, you’re coming to the end of that series of crossroads that is education. Do you have a particular path you’re pursuing? Long term goals and aspirations? I think I just made that sound like you were choosing between classes and special abilities in an RPG…

I’ve completed much of education in Literacy and IT so I guess my main goal would be to work at job that is related to the games industry.

You must be at University at the moment?

Oh no, I’m attending a Technical College and I’m in the final year, I guess.

You only guess?

Guessing is cool.

Well, I guess you could say it’s an educated guess. When and how did you first stumble across TSA?

I asked Blair if there if there was a good gaming site, and he recommended TheSixthAxis, and that’s how it was discovered.

You knew Blair before TSA?

Yeah, I think it was from playing online in Warhawk.

Oh nice, so you met a TSA member online and got to TSA that way. What is it that kept your around, and convinced you to sign up?

Well, everything was so positive and I had nothing better to do in the mornings in college, so I was quite hooked on TheSixthAxis. What kept me around was the content and how positive it all was.

Has there been a feature or two that you’ve particularly enjoyed over the years?

I’ve always liked What We’re Playing as it is interesting to see what everyones into. The other feature I quite like is the Playback series.

Yeah, it’s quite interesting to see that kind of thing, even if it tends to be the latest releases. You’re also a regular of the meets, and have spent a fair amount of time on the forums, though. Are there any members that you wouldn’t mind awfully meeting in real life? People you’ve got on well with?

Well there’s lots of interesting people on there, so I’m very unsure of that!

It’s a very scary prospect! Equally scary is the podcast, where you have a tendency of sending in questions that totally boggle the hosts. Are you intentionally being crazy?

I don’t know, could be the time of the day?

Well it’s not just you that manages to confuse them. It seems to be fairly easy at times. Sadly for them we’re at the point where I ask you a very tough question. Snog, Civil Partnership, Smother for our three podcast hosts Peter, Lewis and Kris.

Oh, this is impossible. I think…

Civil for Peter, Snog for Lewis and I guess smother for Kris.

Peter never dies! Is there some completely unsound logic behind you decisions?

It’s just random!

Oh, so Peter could just as easily snuffed it this week! Well, sadly we’re at the end of our interview once more. Do you have any final words for the people that made it this far?

Well its been a pleasure to see this site grow and to be part of a great community, its all great fun. It’s what I love about TheSixthAxis than any other gaming site.

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  1. funny read. You mention buying magazine for game demos, I’ve got dozens of those for my ps1 and ps2 :) they were very long demos too. It’s how I played Soul Reaver, MediEvil and R&C for the first time. I’ve noticed on PSN you like the play Japanese type games (the one I can’t even read as its in Japanese under your name)

    • Yeah Gundam and the Japanese version of Adhoc Party I’ve been using that everyday, haha :)

  2. Nice to get to know more about you sym :) I too remember those magazine demos! Although I only got one disc for the PS2, my first encounter with Ratchet and Clank

    • that was my first time with R&C too and I’m still crap at it :L

      • It was the servers *nudge nudge* :P

      • I’ll take that excuse. Shame as I can see it being really fun.

    • Ha! I didn’t realise you’d swiped my doctored image of you for your Gravatar. Awesome! 8-)

      • Oh yeh defo! In fact Tef said if I did have it, it would make me 3x cooler exactly :P

  3. Lovely article but tef missed out the most important question:

    Do you say “so it is” at the end of each sentence? If not, you’re as fake as that other Northern Irish charlatan – JamboGT. :P

  4. “Sympoze-you-might enjoy this.”

    Yeah…. that doesn’t really work….

  5. Interesting read and nice to meet you , i guess ;)

  6. I know you’re already on my friends list, but it’s always nice to learn a bit more about my fellow TSA’ers.

  7. Hey :)

  8. Ah, I remember you. We used to talk over PSN and play online games after our chance meeting online. It’s nice to know you stuck around, Sympozium (thought it was you in the comments section but this has confirmed it) :)

  9. Ya’ Gobshite

    • Alestorm? how did you know :)


    • Wait… maybe I told you >_>, hehe

  10. Always great to read about others members and how they got into gaming etc.

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