Resident Evil 4 HD Launch Trailer

Remember when Resident Evil 4 was first released in 2005 for the Gamecube? It not only reinvented the Resident Evil franchise, it revolutionized a genre with its behind the shoulder perspective. Whether you liked the direction the series went in or not, RE4’s influence on gaming can’t be denied.

Capcom’s latest port of Resident Evil 4 releases today in North America and tomorrow in Europe for the Xbox 360 and PS3. PlayStation Plus subscribers can get the game for half the price ($9.99/€9.99/£7.99), which is a great deal.


It’s also worth noting that the first three Resident Evil titles for PSone will be free of charge in North America for PS Plus subscribers. Since RE2 and RE3 have not been released in Europe yet, only Resident Evil: Director’s Cut will receive a similar treatment.

Check out the launch trailer for Resident Evil 4 HD below. Expect a review sometime soon.

Source: Capcom Unity



  1. That was HD? I’m aware they can’t improve the graphics so that they rival todays games without completly redoing it, but i still find that video rather dissapointing.

    • The Eurogamer review said it was a bit of a lazy port – still looks fairly good to me.

  2. Woo. I still have my PS3 limited edition on a shelf…with the Chainsaw controller!

    • Dammit…PS2 not PS3 you idiot..

      • That’s okay, don’t beat yourself up.

        And respect for having the chainsaw edition!

      • If I remember the amazon blurb about it, the blood spatter on each chainsaw was supposed to be unique?

      • That’s true about the blood splatter. I have one too! I also had this game on Gamecube and Wii. To be honest, I will probably be getting the HD remake as well! Loved this game

      • shall be purchasing this chainsaw controller ASAP easily pick it up for£25 and I what it lol.

        should of bought it a few years ago when it was a fiver from amazon and play really lol

  3. Feel like this is a very lazy port with not much updated graphics,no platinium AND no move support(I mean the wii version had it and they have worked with the move on R5 so i don’t see any problem)

    • Yeah I find this pretty disappointing, I was looking forward to this so much when it was announced but I don’t think I will be getting this. I think it was the pitiful 10 trophies that broke it, that’s just insulting.

  4. The BIGGEST release this year for me.
    Can’t wait to download it tomorrow, and start killing (I mean save, of course) Ashley again.

  5. I’m only just getting into the resident evil franchise, loved resi 5 and can’t wait to buy this tomorrow! love the films although I know their abitnoff track with the games….. and can’t wait for my umbrella Corp umbrella to come through the post for the rainy winter days!

  6. As foe the originals only in America, meh you could pick the pm up £2 quid like left right centre on teh internetz

  7. “Remember when Resident Evil 4 was first released in 2005 for the Gamecube?” F**K-YEAH! LoL My mate had a Gamecube & i played it & was blown-away :P I was gutted it was only on the Gamecube but later it came out for the PS2 & i still got my copy(steel box one to) :P But not sure of the point in buying/playing it again?(i only buy HD remakes if i missed them in the past) + i played it to death the 1st time + it seems every time a new games console comes out Capcom do RE4 for it? Can’t they just move on :D

    • Same here, loved it on the PS2 but can’t see myself getting this over some of the other HD remakes coming out like Ico and SOTC that I (some how) missed the first time.

    • Still have the Gamecube version myself. Never quite got around to finishing it though.

  8. Ricky Gervais is in this game. No joke.

  9. Doesn’t look that updated, also, if they’re gonna put quotes in a trailer, leave them up long enough so I can read them..? I do remember thinking that the chainsaw controller was awesome back in the day.

  10. My favorite game on the PS2. Dunno if I’d still hold up now though. Couldn’t be bothered to pick RE5 back up after I lost my save (oh, so close to the platinum :().

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