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Sink Your Teeth Into This Resident Evil Code Veronica X Trailer

Be dazzled by that HD sheen working its magic once again in this new trailer for Resident Evil: Code Veronica X.

Resi Evil: CVX HD should hit PSN and XBLA this week for £15.99 and 1600 MS points respectively.

Source: Youtube


  1. Think I had this on Dreamcast back in the day but can’t recall finishing it. I don’t think I will be purchasing it again. I got Resi 4 to keep me going.

  2. Did I read that its half price with PS+ or was that wishful thinking.

  3. Oh the voice acting, the voice acting! My ears!

  4. Dammit! curse my non existant job and income. I really hope the voice acting hasn’t been rerecorded as RE:CVX did have some cheesy voice acting but it was part of it’s charm. :)

    • There must be a balance somewhere. I have a job and plenty of games, but no time to play them!

      • I have too much free time to play games and i do.:D Although i would prefer not to have to struggle just to get some food as that will be the case in a few weeks time. >:( And that’s not the worse thing. The worst thing is that i will miss out on Skyrim and UC3. :p

      • Lol – I’m glad you’re more concerned about the games you might miss instead of the meals! :)

        I hope something comes up, preferably that doesn’t take away all your gaming time like my job.

  5. I remember playing Code Veronica for a few hours but not really enjoying it. This trailer has me super psyched to play it again…I probably still won’t.

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