The Joker Returns In New Arkham City Trailer

Previously made exclusive for US viewers via MTV Multiplayer, the new Batman: Arkham City trailer has been since been made available to the masses via YouTube. Centred around one of DC Comics’ most notorious villains, we get a good look at The Joker’s menacing funhouse fortress along with a new breed of his devoted henchmen.!


Arkham City launches on October 18th here in the UK, PC gamers having to wait until November to get their Dark Knight fix.



  1. He looks quite rough :P Still scary as hell (always has been for me) I will hopefully be borrowing this off a friend, was what I did with B:AA fortunately.

    • Ah….hehehehehehe hahahahaha..

      Scary enough?

      • I think the Dark Knight (new one) was the scariest joker for me :(

  2. Looking great, cannot wait.

    • You can rhyme, that’s so fine.

      The trailer looks good; Joker’s just misunderstood.

  3. I…..I…. sadly will have to wait until Summer, my only thoughts is Sonic G, LE, Dark Souls and er..I forgot

  4. Looks top class, not long till release!!!

  5. Played this today at EGX… Ruddy fantastic. I’m going to get the preorder in sharpish.

  6. Seems to be so many trailers for this. I hope the game lives up to all these, because I’m getting a little bit excited about this one.

  7. It’s still hard to realize that it’s Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) behind that voice. The acting is really well done.

    • Yea was thinking the exact same thing halfway through the trailer, besides heath ledger as the joker, mark hamill does a great voice for the character.

  8. Excellent! Can’t wait to get this!

  9. Love it.

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