ITV Tries To Pass Off ARMA II Footage As IRA Attack Footage

Now, let’s not kid ourselves, gaming still gets a bad rap in a lot of the media.

ITV is one of those outlets that seems to have a something against gaming. So, I find it a bit strange that ITV recently used footage from ARMA II and passed it off as actual footage of an IRA attack from 1988.

That’s pretty low and even lower once you realise that they used this footage in a documentary. The documentary itself is called ‘Exposure: Gaddafi and the IRA’, if you want to go watch it.

Bohemia Interactive’s CEO, Marek Spanel, is as confused as we are.  “Sometimes creativity and realism in our games lead into crazy results and this is one of such example,” he said to PC Gamer.

“I just briefly watched the entire documentary and I still can not believe it as it is overall [a] very serious and lengthy feature.”

Source: PC Gamer



  1. SMH.

  2. This is the tip of the iceberg. Take 20 minutes to research the utter bullshit that ends up in our media and you’ll never watch a documentary in the same way again.

    • I’ve done plenty of research. My degree was in journalism and you’re right about how much is edited to fit certain agendas.

  3. At 0:48 you can see the crouching soldier change weapon ‘magically’.

    What utter crap. Apparently Bohemia Interactive are looking into legal options as there was no permission sought or granted and this clearly shows their IP in a negative light.

    • I think Bohemia Interactive should sue, for once I am totally onboard with legal action.

    • And the back of the truck jerks up at 0:44

    • Haha I noticed that. God that’s unbelievably awful!

    • i’m sure they have every right to sue. the people who made this should be ashamed for trying to make a game look bad and for being disrespectful to such a serious subject.

  4. HAHA! That’s so awful.

  5. Face meet palm. I can’t believe that they would even dare to try and pass it off as real footage. I mean, it is so obivious that it was taken from Arma 2. Who would fall for that? *looks at the Daily paper’s readers* Oh right.

    I hope ITV gets sued for this. :)

    • Well it’s obviously not real, but I don’t think I could say it was obviously from Arma II (unless I read it).

  6. That is just incredible. The fact that anyone would use video from a game and claim this was real footage of the IRA attacking an army helicopter is beyond me.

  7. i’d love to see this become the start of OFCOM asskicking the televised media into an acceptable state for the rest of the viewers, finally ending the bad rep that other medias such as Gaming gets.

  8. Yeah, the graphics on that guys chin(s) are terrible!! Oh, not that bit..?

  9. Did they really think they could get away with it? That’s terrible.

  10. thats incredible. how the hell did itv think no one would notice that.

    • To be fair, have you seen any other ITV programmes? They’re hardly aimed at clever people. Or even sentient ones.

      As someone who wants to go into the media, I can say with absolute honesty that I’d sooner work for the IRA than ITV.

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