I Am Alive – Still Alive

I Am Alive is still alive, apparently, with Ubisoft scheduling the game in for XBLA and PSN.

The post-apocalyptic survival game was first announced back in 2008, but news has been quiet since and most people – rightly – assumed the game was dead in the water.

“We know people have been waiting for this game to arrive, and we believe it’s going to be worth the wait,” said Ubisoft’s marketing director Adam Novickas.

Not really, bud, we’d kinda forgotten about it.

Video via VG247.


  1. Well that’s odd as they denied it was a download title a few months back.

  2. ok I still don’t like the third person but the bow & arrow looks really good. The climbing seems to have an Uncharted look to it. And from the looks of it there’s going to be a good story.

  3. Looks amazing for a PSN game. Really like the third person prespective.

    • Well, that’s because it was originally a retail release, but, for whatever reason, has been scaled back to be a downloadable release.

    • Looks great, dunnit? Really excited about this one – once again! :)

  4. Damnit I thought they said it was a full retail release. Not that I mind but I think it goes someway to represent that it will be of lesser quality.

  5. Oh tis a bit disappointing that it is no longer a full retail game. :-/ It looks good. I hope the first person is optional and doesn’t force you to use it everytime you want to aim a weapon at someone.

  6. Awe… ubisoft it was a risk wasn’t it? so we’re denied its full potential?

  7. Surprised its a PSN title but looking forward to this still. Reminds me of the Viggo Mortensen movie The Road.

    • Erm how? The Road is nothing like this trailer? Besides the book is way better than the film ;)

  8. Splinter Cell: Conviction: Urban survival edition.

  9. I am impressed.

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