Some Vita Games Won’t Require A Memory Card

During TGS Sony announced a range of memory cards for its upcoming portable gaming system, the PlayStation Vita. Though many of us are accustomed to this mode of storage, having owned PSPs in the past, the ludicrous pricing had a number of prospective customers frustrated, a 32G card currently billed at £80.

Though we expect third party manufacturer’s and card adapters to make the storage process much more affordable, for some PlayStation Vita game there will be an option to keep save data on the game card itself.


Square’s Army Corps of Hell is the first title we know of to sports this cost-effective feature. When quizzed over the memory card icon printed on the game’s cover, the official ACoH Twitter was quick to reply and the image was amended.

It’s worth taking note that this feature only applies to a retail, physical copy of the game; downloading Army Corps of Hell in itself is due to eat up at least 2GB of memory.

Source: Andriasang



  1. All hail Vita….

    • Nah, too much effort involved. ;)

  2. Interesting. But i really hope Capcom doesn’t implent their famous one copy, one playthrough policy on their games.

    • hmmm, seems kind of set-up for that to be an option for devs

    • Surely they couldn’t do that with downloadable titles? You could just delete your save game.

      • capcom’ll find a way.

      • They could as all it takes is a small change to the code. :-/

        I really hope they don’t do it though as i like getting a game and not having it already completed for me.

  3. Good to hear :), Won’t buy a official sony memory stick so hopefully some weeks after the release we will see some third party.

    • Yeah keeping my fingers crossed for that. £80 is too much imo.

      • yep, its quite a bit, shame they went their own way but that’s normal for Sony

    • Are the new cards just Memory Sticks in a different shell or do they allow (necessarily for the Vita possibly) a higher rate of data transfer?
      They’re too expensive either way. I’m sure the retailers will do some deals but i bet it will be for the smaller capacity cards.

  4. thought this was confirmed back when the vita was announced? also thats the worst title ever

  5. Sony should make sure all devs make their games save on the gamecard. The game itself looks like Pikmin, but not cute. At all.

  6. I really doubt Vita download sales will be high, especially if Sony go with the daft pricing of the current PS3 releases. A little card should do the job, you can get 16GB for the PSP for under £20 if you visit an airport!

    • lol at the catch to the £20. I’m just hoping that by the time I gather enough money for the Vita there will be some cheaper cards available.

  7. the vita has two mc slots. one for the game card and one for memory expansion. do they use the same card type ? i was hoping my pro duo’s would be used for memory expansion.

  8. I’m not sure why this is a story. Sony have already stated that the Vita game card will come with 10% reserved for DLC and game saves. So they’ve already stated that you don’t require a memory card to save saves.

    Only question is will this save be tied to your PSN ID or is it tied to the memory card?

    As for the pricing of the memory card, well we don’t know enough to see why it’s priced that. People keep comparing to cheaper memory cards but forget that that means excessive loading times. Have having one standard for memory cards means uniform loading times.

  9. Are there Vitas with included storage like a go? Or do you _have_ to buy a memory card anyway?

    • No internal storage, so a memory card will have to be bought.
      Although Sony might do what they did when they launched the PSP in Europe, and put a 32mb card in the box, just so you can save your games.

  10. This all reminds me when back in the day all we had was a cartridge with our saved games on them.

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