Army Corps of Hell Announced for Vita

Square Enix are probably one of the original PSP’s biggest supporters. Now they’re really starting to show their support for the PSP’s imminent successor, the PSVita.

Army Corps of Hell has just been announced, promising “vicious combat, dark humour and lightening quick action”. Apparently, players will control an army of a hundred little goblins of varying classes and abilities. You’re fighting to reclaim the King of Hell’s throne, naturally.


We’re told it will feature item collection and combining as well as ad-hoc cooperative play in which the boss battles get more difficult and there are opportunities to collect rare loot.

There’s an official website, too, if you want to keep track yourself.

Source: Press Release



  1. Well Adhoc would be nice but I hope Adhoc party still works for the Vita..

    I really hope the Vita isn’t after March…

    • Why wouldn’t it work? Vita supports PSP games and they’re basically made for that

    • Ah I guess so

  2. I think i’ve seen a boxset of that in the no memory card required article?

  3. Interesting… not a massive fan of the title, but I guess it’s descriptive enough. Sounds like something that might be quite good for those long public transport journeys.

  4. Wasn’t this announced ages ago? Unless I’m thinking about something else, this game’s been known since at least the Tokyo Game Show, or is this news that it’s been announced for release outside of Japan?

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