The “3 Gs” Of Inversion Outlined In New Trailer

Set to launch next February, Saber Interactive’s Inversion is really starting to shape up, Namco Bandai launching an all-new trailer showing off more gravity-bending gunplay with the added grenade here and there. Inversion will launch on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows.


During PAX Prime promotional OnLive footage of Inversion was spotted, suggesting that the Timeshift dev’s third person shooter could be getting the cloud-based treatment.



  1. I played this at EGX – a lot of fun, and really surprised me.

    • Yeah same, and I hadn’t even heard of it before going into the over 18s section.

      • Reminded me of a sort of Dead Space/Red Faction hybrid, what with its gravity manipulation, some kinesis like abilities & destructible other worldly environments & stuff.

        I saw someone taking cover on a vertcal wall whilst fighting eneimies that were still on the ground. Looked pretty bonkers.

        Oh, there was also a bit of car throwing going on as well, which is obviously awesome. :)

  2. I think this might be a pleasant surprise.

  3. looks cool =] cant wait to try this

  4. This was playing well at eurogamer… Until it broke the machine it was running on! Stared at a blank screen for a while & then it was running all kind of Xbox diagnostics!

    Seemed good before it killed the machine though!

  5. Interesting. Looks like something I would pick up from the bargain bin.

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