Are Developers Deserting XBLA?

World of Goo developer Ron Carmel has surveyed approximately 200 independent developers and asked them if they are creating games for the PSN or XBLA.  He has found that in the past most favoured the Xbox 360 but for 2011 and beyond most are focusing on the PlayStation network.

Ron also sent out a follow up survey asking the developers how easy it has been to work with the respective platform owners. Steam came top, closely followed by Facebook, Apple (iOS) and Google (Android). Sony came top of the consoles followed by Nintendo and finally Microsoft.

48% of developers rated the Xbox creators as ‘excruciating’ to work with.

Ron hypothesises that the diversity of games will begin to suffer and players will desert the format. He also states

Everyone I know who’s been handed Microsoft’s boilerplate distribution contract for XBLA was angered and offended. It’s the most exploitative, one-sided distribution contract I’ve seen.

To read more of the research (it’s well worth a look), click here.

Source: 2DBoy


  1. XBLA- ‘Complete failure.’

  2. shoddy contracting!

  3. World of Goo on PSN confirmed!


  4. Mr Carmel has done his homework. Microsoft should pay attention.

  5. The fewer hoops a developer needs to jump through in order to get games in the hands of gamers the better. That’s the be all and end all of it, really.

    Legal wrangling between large companies for retail releases are fine, but when it comes to the platform owner making crazy demands of small companies it feels very unfair. Apple have done it numerous times with the App Store, and it seems that MS do it a lot with XBLA too.

    If they and other meanies could relax a little, and ease the pressure, we’ll see much less of this palaver.

  6. Perhaps… but where’s my PSN Bastion?

  7. Microsoft seem to be able to only focus on one area at a time whereas Sony and Ninty keep every area level. Time will tell if damage has been done. Sadly Microsoft literally have a bottomless pit of the green stuff which is what they throw at problems…..

  8. Wonder if the jump for PSN has more to do with the developer friendly approach to the PS Vita that Sony’s recently been talking about?

    Might not be about the home console side at all. But is Windows Phone 7 in there too? Didn’t see it mentioned.

  9. Microsoft suck as a whole anyway.

  10. I still can’t get on with Sony mini’s though. I’ve heard good things about xbox indie arcade from xbox owners and not played one decent mini on ps3 myself. Maybe Sony need to redevelop the mini formula. Allow ps3 versions with two stick controls, trophies and high def graphics for the same price as psp mini versions?

    • Not one good indie game ive seen so far except echoes and blast off, which are also minis. Quite a few good minis about if you look past the bad ones.

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