Treyarch Recruiting for “New Console”

Before we go getting all excited, let’s remember that there are two new consoles that have already been announced and are yet to feature a Treyarch-made game. This little job advert could, theoretically, be to get their next game onto the PlayStation Vita or Nintendo Wii U.

Okay, that’s the sensible bit over, now for the Oh Em Gee…

Treyarch have put a call out for a Senior Software Engineer to work on “bringing [their] hugely successful game to a new console”. The job advert, which can be found through the source link below, asks for at least two years working on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms, lending credence to the notion that this could be for the next generation of home consoles.

However, as shown above, it also makes mention of “bringing [their] hugely successful game” to the platform. That would imply that the game they’re porting is already in existence, wouldn’t it?

So, Black Ops for Vita?

Source: Treyarch



  1. Wii U most likely but a port for Vita isn’t out of the question.

    • Oh no, no more Treyarch ports please :(

  2. Wii u and Vita if you ask me……

  3. They announced Call of Duty Vita with the announcement of ‘NGP’.

  4. As much as I don’t enjoy Treyarch’s multiplayer, I really enjoy their campaigns so I would end up buying this if it comes out on Vita

  5. World at War was one of the worst FPS games I’ve played. I wouldn’t have bothered with Black Ops but as my youngest brother plays these games online with his mates (and as because it was the new one his mates had decided it was the best game ever before it came out) I ended off trying it. Whilst it was better than world at war, it wasn’t a patch on the original Modern Warfare.

    I find it hard to believe that in 3 attempts no one has managed to get anothe COD game as good as Modern Warfare, yet the poorer games are selling more copies. Lets face it, Black ops was pretty naff.

    • I enjoyed the campaigns. [email protected]’s was extremely enjoyable. The MP on the other hand……

    • With you there Sad Panda. The original MW was by far the best of the recent bunch of CODs.

    • Well Black Ops and WaW were made by Treyach, which is why they are not similar or nearly as good (technically speaking – in my opinion) as Modern Warfare, made by Infinity Ward. I thought WaW was better than B’Ops, especially online. The PS3 version of B’Ops was an XBox port (this was arguably proven by the “Turn XBox Chat Off” option in the PS3 menu) and ran like a bag of crap online – the frame rate was a disgrace, as were the gun sounds and character models.

      Had MW2 been MUCH more balanced, and better supported, I think it would have been better than MW.

    • TBH MW2 would have been the best COD if it had some support and patches :(

    • [email protected] was my favourite single and multi player for a long time, about 6-7 days of online gaming plus the platinum to boot. I thought MW2 was very poor in comparison so now I’m battlefield mad.

      • I was almost tempted by Blops but friends warned me away from that mess

  6. To me, “console” means something that needs to be sat under the telly, and not a handheld device.

    Although, after WAW & Cack Ops I’m reluctant to buy another Treyarch developed title again…

  7. I’d rather play Starhawk on the Vita (if it happened), the FPS genre is so… dull, its killing games

  8. Was it really only me that quite liked blops? To be honest, I thought there were some huge weak points in the campaign, and connection problems online, but when it worked it was fun.. Bear in mind, I only played the campaign of modern warfare (which was great), and haven’t touched MW2 or WAW at all..

    • I enjoyed it! It wasn’t the greatest shooter ever, but it was fun.

  9. New consoles?
    An impending announcement from Sony?
    could these two events be one in the same?
    (probably not, but it is a funny coincidence)

  10. Lets hope Sony & MS agree that Grenade Spamming is not allowed as part of the certification process for next gen.

    Treyarch will be stuffed…

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