Date Announced for Duke Nukem Forever DLC

Whilst Duke Nukem Forever got a bit of a spanking by the critics, there were those who enjoyed the old skool FPS. These people will be pleased to hear that the ‘Hail to the Icons’ DLC pack has been given a release date of October 11th for 800 MSP or $9.99. Members of the First Access club will receive it for free. The full content list can be found here.


An update will also be released to coincide with the DLC, which will fix a few bugs.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Yay, I like free stuff :)

  2. Free DLC for a game I havn’t bought :)

  3. Who is still playing this? I mean, everyone who i know that has played DKF said it was a pile of dog balls. I doubt the DLC will help to bring back any interest in the game that took 12 effing years to make only to turn out crap. ;) If it does succeed then i will be surprised.

    • I did…. it was okish

    • Well now there’s 4 weapons and the update is upcoming so might be a good time?

    • I quite enjoyed it actually, it’s one of those few games that i could settle into a few hours playing at a time. Don’t understand the hate from someone who hasn’t even played it.

      • I was judging the game by what other people have said about it. It wasn’t postive. I didn’t enjoy the demo so i probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the full game. :-/

      • Fir enough, I can accept that.

      • *Fair enough

      • Played the onlive trail… to me… it was a bit dull, especially the first boss battle, weak.

        Didn’t get to the action because I got lost in some freakin museum >_<

      • The first ‘boss battle’ is supposed to be easy, it’s Duke playing his own game which is why it is the same as the last boss in Duke 3D.

  4. Does anyone still play this online? The modes look good fun at least!

  5. For some reason my First Access code never worked properly and as much as i enjoyed DNF i think this is mostly multiplayer stuff anyway so i can give it a miss.

  6. As the comments above attest to, this seems pointless. I could barely find the will to complete the demo of DNF, and this is from someone who was genuinely excited about the prospect of its release.

  7. Got this game brand new for £10.99 the other day. Makes the DLC seem super expensive.

  8. I rented to see if it was as bad as everybody said, in my opinion it was almost as terrible as it was made out to be… made me miss the old N64 Dude Nukem game I wasted hours upon hours of my life on playing death matches with my friends.

  9. Well I liked DNF. It wasn’t as good as it could have been but if you ignore the 12 year development hell (which, by the way, DOES NOT represent 12 years of active development!) it’s just a decent, fun little FPS that doesn’t take itself too seriously but is very competent.

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