Tweak It: PlayStation Move

The Wii was widely derided prior to its launch.  Whether it was schoolboy-like sniggering at its name or open mockery of its motion-sensing controllers that looked like TV remotes.  Gamers and analysts wrote it off as a failure.

Nintendo then promptly sold tens of millions of the consoles, easily trouncing the opposition from Microsoft and Sony. How much of that success was solely down to Wii Sport Bowling we’ll never know but now all the consoles (360, PS3, 3DS and Vita) sport optional or in-built motion control of some sort.

The Wiimote has been such a game changer, by more than one definition, that even though the PS3 launched with the waggle-sensing sixaxis controller Sony felt the need to chase the market Nintendo had created with the Move, but more on that in a moment.

While the Wiimote has clearly been a success there’s always room for a tweak or two.  Nintendo tweaked it themselves when they added Motion Plus and last week we asked you for your own tweaks.  The two most popular were:

  • Make it more tactile and grip-able without having to resort to a silicone sleeve. ~ TheShepanator, Jumping Monks
  • Give us an official Nintendo wireless Nunchuck. ~ G_The_Enemy14, TheDeathAvenger, Lymmusic

So coincidental you’d think it was planned (it wasn’t) this week’s Tweak It dovetails nicely with our other posts reflecting on Move’s first year.  While some games have made better use of the Move hardware itself than others it’s the hardware we’d like you to tweak now.

Personally, while I understand some of the ergonomic reasons why the four symbol buttons are arranged in a square as they are on the PS Move, I’d still like to see them back in the much more familiar and now muscle-memory retained diamond formation.

I’d also like the Start and Select button to be easier to access and press.  It almost seems as though the only consideration in their placement was to make it easy for clip-on or -around accessories to have easy use of them not us mere humans.

What about you?  How would you tweak the PS Move, Navigator and the PS Eye?



  1. I think that they should have had two buttons at the back instead of one, to allow for the diamond formation with the face buttons, although I realize this might make holding the device more difficult. I would have also liked to see the start and select buttons be on the front of the controller where they are visible and more easy to reach.

    Oh, and more good games plz. This had so much potential that Sony never truly invested in :l

    • Seconded. Plus if they had put an analog stick on then two moves controllers could have doubled up as a dualshock3.

  2. I’d definitely change the face button layout to the normal cross/ diamond shape.
    The start and select buttons could stay where they are, but stick out more, like they stick out on a Dualshock.
    I’d add an analog stick to the Move so we can have two sticks if we have the Move/ Nav combo set.
    And I’d lower the price, they’re too dear at the moment. The same price as a dualshock is too much when you consider the dualshock will work for a lot more than the 90 or so games Move does, especially when some of those games require two moves, or the move and a nav, and everything needs the PS eye as well.

    • Totally agree on the price front. The number one reason I haven’t got one! Wanted it for KZ3, but that required a move, nav and sharpshooter, thats pretty much £100 there, which just isn’t happening..

  3. First I’d change the terms of the warranty so that its still valid if the move is used as a sextoy.

    Then I’d get rid of the dedicated move button all together, and replace them with the proper playstation buttons in the diamond formation, and make them less clicky, and I’d also like the start/select buttons to go underneath.
    On top of that I think it needs to be much cheaper and sony should really push for more software that uses it.

  4. Wahey! I got a mention :D

    I agree with the 2 previous comments, have the X, Circle, Triangle and Square buttons in the normal diamond layout. Make the glow ball a little smaller possibly?

  5. Remove that ridiculous bright bulbous abomination. It doesn’t serve a huge purpose that a small light could do.

    Include the navigation controller when selling it.

    • Actually that sphere is totally integral to the way it works. It knows the exact dimensions of the sphere, so it can tell how far away or close the holder is. I’d definitely agree with you on the nav though, never found enough reason to buy one, but would be useful if bundled.

    • You really don’t know what you talk about. The sphere is used to measure distance as as you move towards and away from the screen (camera) it can detect size change and this calculated the 3rd dimension. You coudn’t do that with a small LED.

      Like most bedroom experts here, your entire education is based on what you read on the internet. I bet you also think that Sony copied Nintendo, rather than the reality, which is Nintendo rushed out a Sony copy wiimote…

      From 2001:

  6. How about bringing some games out so I can actually use it to see if it needs tweaking.

    • Bitter, twisted and utterly spot on. ;-)

  7. The only thing I’d really like to see changed isn’t so much to do with the controller itself but I’d like to see a better HD quality camera upgrade.

    • Actually come to think of it a better camera would be high up on my list because games like eyepet look so crap and superimposed.

  8. Was promised this was going to change gaming… Mine has dust!

    • yup, mine too :(

    • I saw a small light glowing on mine the other night. When I got closer I could see a group of tiny cavemen gathering round a camp fire nestled in between the four controller buttons. I checked on them again this morning and it looks like they’ve invented the wheel. I’d like to know where they’re getting their food from as it’s at least a two day trek to the kitchen and back for them.

  9. R1. That says it all. No friend profile scrolling possible with Move.

  10. Button locations are bad on it, the glowing ball is just a tad too big. Without a navigation the move is dreadful for FPS’s (exlcuidng sharpshooter), also found the battery life is poor.

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