TSA F1 Championship: Participants

So here we are! The drivers. Just before I show you the list I would like to point out that we still have spaces available (especially on Monday and Tuesday) to enter the F1 Championship and you can still enter up to our first race. To enter simply email me at adam[at]thesixthaxis[dot]com with the subject of F1 and the contents telling me your TSA and PSN id with your day and date of preference. We can add you to the list as the extra entries come in.

Championship A – Sunday at 5pm

  • beeje13
  • SpikeyMikey23
  • asparagushunter
  • Darth Newdar
  • james_m2603
  • Lee-ma
  • Baxteros
  • Manorhowze
  • Ro6afc11
  • cam the man
  • AshGraham99
  • keaneplay
  • Community Team Member – Teflon
Championship B – Monday at 6pm
  • Josh653
  • Matty
  • Wick15
  • Death_In_Flamez
  • tomjakes
  • spooferbarnabas
  • stanley1664
  • tonnyeb
  • Sir_J
  • Chuggy
  • Community Team Member – AG2297
Championship C – Tuesday at 8pm
  • davidsmall2410
  • Tom_Lord
  • Origami Killer
  • scaramanga1973
  • lenn117
  • Sting_HP
  • Snakefingers13
  • Beelzie14
  • Flippin
  • Freezebug2
  • Community Team Member – JamboGT
The first race starts this coming Sunday 16th October and the top 5 from each championship will go through to the final. The CTMs are AG2297, Teflon and JamboGT and while AG and Teflon are not able to win, Jambo is. So, last week we also asked you to vote on what tracks you would like to race on during the championship and the results are below (in the order of most popular):


  • Race 1 – Spa
  • Race 2 – Montreal
  • Race 3 – Melbourne
  • Race 4 – Monza
  • Race 5 – Silverstone
  • Race 6 – Nurburgring
  • Finals – Sao Paulo
These races will have a 1 lap practice (while waiting for any late comers too) followed by qualifying and a 20% race. The full rules can be found here. Remember to bring your headset and keyboard if you have one as we are a friendly bunch and we will have a text chat room open for each race.

In the meantime TSA member camtheman has set up a practice meet for Saturday which you can join (even if you aren’t entering the championship) to get some practice in before the first race on Sunday. This can be a great opportunity to practice set-ups and see how fast other drivers will be during the championship. It’s also worth remembering that practice meets will often mimic the upcoming race settings, giving you a real chance to practice. Feel free to set up your own F1 meet too, anyone with 250 TSA points or over can make a TSA meet.

I have also created a forum thread for the championship where details and standings will be updated regularly and members can post their thoughts on the races and championship as and when they wish. We would also love it if you could post a short summary of your race which we may put into race write ups each week here on the front page.
So all that is left is for you to post your banter and support in the comment section below and remember, there is still some time to enter!


  1. Looks like I’ll need my magic star to pass you, Kamikaze. :P

    • I’ll be a ghost at that point then *sniggers*.

  2. Would enter (and undoubtably lose), but don’t own the game, looks like a right laugh though!

  3. Glad i got in this time although i’m not sure i’ll be as quick as last year, but we’ll see. Better tear myself away from fifa and get practicing ;)

  4. I’d sign up for Monday but you aren’t racing Catalunya, so I might aswell not bother :(

  5. This should be a lot of fun, though I have no idea how I’ll shape up in comparison to everybody else! Guess I should start practising…

  6. aw man, completely missed this. brilliant game btw

  7. Looks like fun! Entry in!

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