Gamestop To Give Away Catwoman Codes

We all know the Catwoman code has been causing a bit of an uproar since it was announced yesterday. In a move that will certainly be of interest to many, it seems that anyone who buys a pre-owned copy of Batman Arkham City from U.S. retailer Gamestop will find a code to download the full Catwoman content pack printed on the customer’s receipt.

Gamestop has a similar deal with Warner Brothers for pre-owned copies of Mortal Kombat.


Perhaps Gamestop has struck a deal with Warner that gives them a percentage of the pre-owned sales, a deal that should have happened years ago. This way consumers get what they want and developers are given the cut of pre-owned sales they clearly want.

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Source: Kotaku



  1. Good. Hopefully that makes its way over here and to the UK too.

  2. Well that’s one way to deal with online codes from the retailer’s point of view.

  3. Lol developers want a cut of pre owned games, lame. Its not their game anymore so why do they care sooo much.

    Also requiring at internet connection to play single player offline and earn all trophies/acheivements should be banned by Sony and Microsoft.

    • why do they care?

      are you looking for a more involved answer than greed? ^_^

      and i doubt they’ll impose that kind of ban.
      sony certainly wont as they allowed capcom to disable their whole game if you lose your net connection.

      • Well i don’t know if i would call it greed it’s not cheap to make a game and why wouldn’t they be allowed to get paid for their hard work

      • expecting to get paid for the work you do is not greed, that’s not what i’m saying.
        the thing is they will have got paid for their work.
        they will have gotten all they’re entitled to.

        it’s that that isn’t enough for them that makes it greed.
        it’s trying get what they have absolutely no right to that makes it greed.
        it’s thinking they deserve to profit from my property that makes it greed.

        doesn’t the owner deserve to get paid for the work she put into making the money used to buy the game?
        if she wants that payment in the form of a game to keep or a bit of the cost of the game back then that is her right.

      • Of course they are trying to get back the money they used to make the game witch is usually millions and get a little extra for new games and so on. I think the biggest problem developers have with pre-owned market is that it’s close to pirating one person buys it new the others get that copy and the developer doesn’t get a cent from it other than from that first buyer of course buying pre-owned is still legal so that is a difference with those two

      • you compare preowned to piracy when its the publishers after something they’re not entitled to.

        this industry propaganda that preowned is even remotely like piracy is just ludicrous.

        i don’t know why i have to keep repeating this but, the publisher got paid for the game, once that happens, that copy is no longer their property and whoever owns after that it owes the publisher nothing.

        they’re the thieves trying to take what they have no right to, not the people trading in their own property.

      • Yeah but that isn’t how the developers see it they see potential loss in sales when somebody buys the game pre-owned. What i would recommend developers to do is put something in the game that you can only get if you buy the game new and don’t put that something on the PS Store or Xbox live at any point like this game has those different Batman skins they could have done that with them

      • as i said, what they think doesn’t matter, what matters is the law, and as far as the law goes what they’re doing is closer to piracy than the preowned market is.

      • Well not really pre-owned is closer to piracy since it means money loss for the developer in both cases of course with pre-owned more people will have to buy it new so there is something to trade with piracy just one person is enough and millions can download it. I kind of understand what they are doing with these “online” passes they are a company witch means they have to make money other wise they will have to close their doors

  4. An unlikely saviour!

  5. Only 5 comments so far,seems we don’t like potentially good news.

    • This isn’t potentially good news.

      The code is still there even if gamestop is “bundling” it with their sale of preowned copies.

      If developers/publishers want a bigger cut of the profit they need to make a better deal with the stores. And refuse to sell to stores that doesn’t accept the new deal. This is how it has always worked.

      What they are doing instead is trying to sell an incomplete product where part of that product isn’t possible to resell. That’s attempting to change the rules in their own favour and hurting the end user, and we should not accept it.

      I do not like being held hostage in a conflict between developers, publishers and stores.

      btw: I have never sold a game used. I have never bought a game used if it was available new. Ergo you have never lost any money to the second hand market from me. But now I’m pissed enough that I’ll be likely to by less games when some of them include these passes. You’re ruining your customer base, enjoy your “increased” profits.

      • This is good news, it really is pretty much the ideal solution; we, the buyers don’t miss out on anything when buying preowned, and the publishers (and possibly devs) get a percentage of preowned sales. The retailer? Well now Gamestop has a huge competitive advantage, consumers would have to be idiots to get this elsewhere if buying preowned.

        I hope this catches on in Australia.

  6. Good news, but please bring this to the UK.

  7. Much better way of doing it. If developers feel they should get a cut of pre-owned profits, not a discussion I want to have again, this is the way to do it, not by taxing consumers.

    • Couldn’t agree more, this is the route they should have taken from the off. Hopefully other shops will take similar action.

      • everyone’s a winner! the shop still make their money, the devs get abit of cash for the codes and people can still buy pre owned :)

  8. Unlikely that this will come to the UK, GAME are too greedy ;)

    • I’d say they could do it.
      If they advertised it enough, it would surely get people to buy their pre-owned stuff from Game instead of HMV for example.

      It’s not like Gamestop are doing this for charity.

  9. I only ever buy new games, so the 1st buyer/online pass codes have never been an issue for me, but this is a great idea for everyone: gamers get the full game, whether they by new or used, the publisher presumably gets their cut from pre-owned sales and Gamestop gets more customers.

    Hopefully we’ll see this catch on in more places, then it should quickly spread to all shops (no-one is going to want to be the only shop on the high street that sells incomplete games after all!)

  10. If a deal like this was thought of a few years ago we maybe wouldn’t have had all this online pass shenanigans. The publishers need to work with the shops, not against them. Otherwise they’ll both lose in the end.

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