Podcast: Episode 39

If you’ve been on Twitter you probably knows that poor Peter’s internet isn’t playing nicely today. He informs me that if it isn’t working by morning he’s going to “to stamp on it all”, which may seem like an over reaction but I feel is perfectly reasonable. How dare his router turn on its master? Most frustrating.

Anyway that’s why you’ve got me to introduce the podcast this week. It’s probably best as Peter isn’t actually on this week’s episode, what with it being his birthday and such last week. How selfish of him.

Never fear though, there were still three of us on the podcast; in fact it shouldn’t be much of an issue if one of decides to go AWOL again as we’ve bumped our compliment of regulars up to four. That’s right Kev, or kevatron400 if you’re nasty, has joined the good ship podcast as a permanent member. Look forward to more general silliness and a good number of bewildering expressions in the coming weeks; if nothing else it’s nice to have him read the news as Moira Stewart .

You probably want to know what we actually talked about right? It was a particularly game heavy episode (sorry, comics don’t get a look in this week). I talked for quite a bit about my time at The Gathering 2011, in particular I talk about games like Tomb Raider, Hitman: Absolution and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary as well as a whole host of others. In fact I talked about so many games we had to split it into two blocks when we recorded, so as not to overwhelm you with so many brilliant games in quick succession.

If that isn’t enough games for you Kev chipped in to talk about Gears of War 3 and Costume Quest, whereas Lewis had opted to spend some time driving through the wasteland in RAGE. Sticking with driving he also talked us through new film Drive, which sounds great. As well as that there’s the usual competitions, quiz and the lunacy of community questions to keep you occupied.

Oh and I’m back on the edit this week, so there’s a distinct lack of sound effects. Don’t worry, I promise they’ll return in the next episode.

  • To enter Lewis’ movie audio competition email your answers to lewisgaston[at]screendemon.com.
  • You can also tag your questions on Twitter with #tsacast and, provided you’re not on a private account, we’ll see them in our search each week. Finally, general TSA lunatic, SolidSteven, sets up a questions thread in the forum.

This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Ok not had time to look into it but any ideas why when I listen to the MP3 on quicktime it just appears as a single black bar with no option of pause etc.

    I’m just being lazy and hoping someone knows before I look myself :)

  2. I shall listen to this at 8pm. Plus Kris thinks he is THE GODDAMM BATMAN this week. ;) (only comic readers will get the goddam ref).

    I think i will not eat anything whilst listening to it. :)

  3. oh you are just the worst kind of people :P

  4. Hmmm, “TSA Podcaster in TSA Competition Fix Shocker”. I’m calling shenanigans!

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