New Syndicate Trailer Takes a Look Back in Time

A new Syndicate trailer has been released, taking a look at the beginning of the series. Remember when games looked like that? If you don’t, I envy your youth.

The latest game is due out early next year on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: VG247



  1. I got the original as a PS1 classic and really stuggled to play it without a mouse. Twas a superb PC game though, happy memories.

    • I did the same and my fond memories of the game came tumbling around me,I instantly knew what it must feel like to be a OAP trying to use a iphone or some other swanky gadget and not have a clue anymore.

      • Hahaha, I get so nostalgic about games but so many of them turn out to be really awkward when revisited compared with modern titles.

  2. PC graphics? Luxury – should have seen the Amiga graphics – still a top game for it’s time though.

  3. Was a great game and would make for a great PSN game (with everything suitably “upped” for this generation).

    Note how many games we played back then are still a variation of a theme we see today. As long as the game is good you can dress it up how you want. It’ll still shine.

    • If they just updated the controls it would be a joy to play but they seem so counter intuitive to how we play now.

  4. Oh, the memories. Good ol’ “Marks Team”. Cheat codes, remember them?

  5. I for one am glad of the update to the series, it’s looking like a quality game.

  6. Gameplay >>>>>>>> Graphics

    • Exactly, otherwise it might as well be a film..

  7. Great games!

  8. I think this looks great.

  9. It still looks good to this very day. I think if they modifed the controls to suit the consoles and released it on xbla and psn, it would sell well.

  10. haha hell yes. fallout graphics. i hold a place in my heart for games like that

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