GTA III Anniversary Trailer

Following news of an iPad/iPhone 4S version of GTA III, Rockstar have sent over this video.

“The tale of a small-time criminal set loose in Liberty City,” says the blurb from Rockstar, “a sprawling metropolis where anything could happen, Grand Theft Auto III was the frontrunner of a new genre: the non-linear, ‘open world’ 3D game.”

“It also marked a turning point in the evolution of videogames into a bonafide entertainment phenomenon.”

Indeed it did, and the developer has released a special video to celebrate. There’s no real point, although we suspect Rockstar are judging response to the video (and news of the iPad version) to see if a HD remake is on the cards for consoles.

We’re in, if so.


  1. Ahhh – Such fond memories. Mainly of carnage. :D

    *crosses fingers that Rockstar are contemplating a HD collection for PS3*

  2. HD collection HAS to happen at some point right?

    • MUST happen!!

    • WILL happen, just think of all the money they would rake in .

    • including san andreas if there’s any justice in the world.

    • Imagine the amount of hours of gameplay that would bring.

    • GTA:3, Vice City & San Andreas in the first collection.

      Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories and Chinatown Wars in the second collection.

      In an ideal world of course!

  3. 10 years already??!! Jesus…shows my age as i remember the late night sessions with this game….good times *wipes small tear from eye*

    • I guess that means I was 12 when I first played it =o DAYUMN!

      • Yeah me too, should a 12 year old me really have been allowed to play this? I’ve not killed anyone yet so I guess it must have been ok lol.

  4. 10 years, man! 10! :op

  5. 10 years it’s been since i’ve seen you blow cars up GTA. Ten years since you p*ssed off some politicians and Jack Thompson.

    I wonder if they are using this to drum up some interest in GTA to make sure that people will listen when they announce GTA5 or GTA HD.

    I remeber being stuck on that dancing mission for 3 months in GTASA. Ahh, fun memories of flying a plane and then jumping out then landing just to beat up someone with a bunch of flowers and a dildo. This is what GTA needs Rockstar!

  6. It really was something else. I had no interest in it at the time and my brother got it on a whim, some decision that turned out to be. Really fond memories and I’d welcome a HD collection.

  7. I remember playing the first one when it came out, particularly young for it. I just wanted to drive the Beast GTS over and over again.

    As for III I remember the excitement I had reading the news in playstation msx magazine about it. How it was now 3D and the cars had “6 areas of damage with multiple levels of damage!” etc. I was really excited.

    Then my friend got a ps2 and GTA III for xmas and I remember thinking how huge the map was and that I’d never learn it all. How hilarious it was picking up hookers and what the people on the street said.

    I genuinely used to “park” in a car park and listen to chatterbox with Lazlow straight through til it repeated. So many funny guests.

    Trying to fly the dodo as far as I could.

    All the great cheats.

    What. A. Game.

    • Man the “Dodo”, there was this guy who flew this thing around for over 47hours!

    • GTA III was the best of them, the perfect blend of realism and fun. I loved this game but due to a scratched disc never got beyond the second island. HD re-release for PS3 please!

  8. Definitely a HD collection would be a pre-order for me!

  9. the memories ! my brother rented it from our favourite rental store (now defunct i think) variety video just to stick it to blockbusters across the road still remember the astonishing feeling of just being able to do what you want

  10. I’d love to see this return to consoles. I’d buy it again without a second thought!

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