Message From Warner Brothers Re: Catwoman DLC

Warner Brothers have posted an official response to the continuing Catwoman DLC drama.

“Since Tuesday’s incredibly successful launch of Batman:Arkham City in North America,” it says, “our customer support team has received a very small number of calls/emails (less than 0.5 percent of total units sold) regarding Catwoman codes either being invalid or not included in the game packaging.”


“While the number of affected versions is very small, WB Games apologises for any inconvenience this has caused and we are committed to getting these issues resolved as quickly as possible.”

Warner Brothers and Rocksteady have yet to comment on the problems encountered by some when they finally managed to install Catwoman.

Gamers from the UK are now reporting missing codes.

Source: Batman Arkham City



  1. it gets worse. I was thinking of getting this, but not anymore. I can wait till bf3 comes out. There you go, you lost a customer.

  2. Haha… they really have screwed up Batman.. the first was never interesting to me… so I guess all of this symphonic cacophony of a Opera (What??) would have killed my interest on the Sequel…

  3. The HMV deal will be a god-send here. Trade in a crappy game (Rage *Shudders*) and get a brand new copy of Arkham City for 99p. If it works, great I’ll play through it. If it doesn’t I just trade it in and get plenty of store credit, while at the same time giving Warner the one-finger salute and vowing never to buy one of their games again. Easy :D

    • Since its worth 99p I guess it will be selling around 20p then?


      • I think first week trade-ins at HMV are usually 36quid :) Given I got Rage for 29, I’ll be making a nice profit to put towards Saints Row or something like that :D

    • but that will still count as a sale for warner.

  4. they’re sorry?
    oh well that makes it all right then. o_O

    and is that the same 0.5% that ms claimed was the 360 failure rate?

    i told you they wouldn’t learn, they still see this as an “incredibly successful launch”

    meaning, they made shitloads of money and that’s all they care about.

    if they really cared about their customers they wouldn’t make them jump through hoops to get what they already paid for, and are only denied through the uselessness of warner.

    this lame apology isn’t worth the bits it’s made of.

    • The shit has hit the fan. Now hopefully it lands on the executives responsible for making the decisions, not on the poor sod that probably wasn’t given enough time to properly remove the content so it could be “given” as “free” dlc to the initial customers.

      I wouldn’t mind hearing about some warner ceos and board members losing a bonus over this.

  5. I got it today and everything works perfectly and all i can say is it’s amazing

  6. They forgot to mention that they are being greedy and rushed it out instead of double checking and cba to take the simple route of either making it free for a few weeks or sending the codes to retailers.

    Poor show Warner. I mean, i would be pissed off if i had brought this as i may have well brought the preowned copy. In fact, i am tempted to buy it preowned just to smite them. (when i have the cash that is).

  7. I have this on pre-order and am gradually bricking it more and more with every comment I read. Seriously tempted to cancel my order now and get Dark Souls instead!

    • Dark Souls is genuinely stunning mate, I’m thoroughly enjoying it and can’t recommend it highly enough. I’m sure Batman is too, given the reviews and genuinely hope all goes smoothly for ya when it arrives :)

    • Mate batman is fucking fantastic, even without the dlc, the game is excellent. And quite refreshing to have a brilliant no fps game about. Really enjoyable game and my dlc wored fine :-)

  8. Can anyone with the game tell me if the catwoman parts are on disc or DLC from the store?
    If it’s the latter then it should work with other accounts, shouldn’t it? I’m hoping so anyway :)

    • Its not on the disk. I think the download weighs in at over 200mb (judging by a video review I saw)
      If you check one of the other Batman related articles from today a guy gave that a try but couldn’t get the Catwoman sections to work on his partners profile :(

    • You need to download it and it’s around 217mb. Don’t know if it works with other accounts since i don’t have another :D

  9. I’m just glad they cant do this to the PC version as you already need to have a genuine licence code to play the game unless u play offline or have a pirate copy which ALWAYS gets through these kind of loopholes devs/publishers fail to make.

    Ontop of that ive never heard of retailers selling second hand games except back in the early days of pc gaming if i remember correctly.

    • i think they do but only for a stupid price usually in pennies.

      • Yeah man, I picked up MDK t’other day for 50p – aceness :D

  10. You forgot the part where they mentioned that a very small percent of the buyers was affected

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