Message From Warner Brothers Re: Catwoman DLC

Warner Brothers have posted an official response to the continuing Catwoman DLC drama.

“Since Tuesday’s incredibly successful launch of Batman:Arkham City in North America,” it says, “our customer support team has received a very small number of calls/emails (less than 0.5 percent of total units sold) regarding Catwoman codes either being invalid or not included in the game packaging.”

“While the number of affected versions is very small, WB Games apologises for any inconvenience this has caused and we are committed to getting these issues resolved as quickly as possible.”

Warner Brothers and Rocksteady have yet to comment on the problems encountered by some when they finally managed to install Catwoman.

Gamers from the UK are now reporting missing codes.

Source: Batman Arkham City


  1. As much as I want this game, I am now tempted to hold off for a GOTY edition. Too much DLC and too many issues flying around to let this take over from any other the great games coming out over the next couple of months I’m spending my cash on.

  2. Ive been tempted to pre-order it today and pay a bit more for delivery so it arrives tomorrow, but I’ve been put off. Ill wait till all issues are resolved and pick it up much cheaper ina couple of months or so, after MW3 and BF3

  3. “Incredibly successful” in putting people off buying it.

    • Yeah, I’m gonna have to get my dictionary out, as my current understanding of “incredibly” and “successful” is obviously a good way off the mark. Silly me.

      • “incredibly successful” is used here as a point of view and is not quantified so could be deemed intentionally ambiguous, a little like if I were state that the work I have done today is “quality”. I’m not stating the degree of quality, comparing or using any recognized measure, and neither are WB.

      • in other words Amphlett, it’s bull, right?

      • I’m sure sales wise it has been incredibly successful. An error rate of 0.5% (if accurate) isn’t too bad either really.

      • Of course they were always gonna say it and yeah, I don’t doubt it was successful financially, it just seemed a really cynical thing for them to say in the face of what outwardly appears to be the biggest cock up of a launch I can remember. Including HL2 on PC.

        I don’t believe the .5% figure for a second. It’s a figure that seems to constitute some sort of golden “acceptable” fail rate within manufacturing industries, it crops up in numerous places. There just seem to be such a diversity of issues around this title, across both platforms that it just seems dubious to me.

        It was a statement for the shareholders, not the customers In my opinion.

      • @DrNate

        I did marketing for a living many years ago, and I will help you decipher WB’s official response.

        1. “Incredibly successful”: mandatory wording when dealing with damage control of clusterfuck proportions. Never admit something has gone horribly wrong, never say anything negative about your mess, always show a happy face. Otherwise, you’ll end up like CCP.

        2. “0.5%” means 50% and then some.

  4. Depending how many they’ve sold 0.5% could be several thousand complaints!

  5. “Gamers from the UK are now reporting missing codes.” How? When this game is meant to launch in the UK tomorrow. Unless warehouse thieves are about.

    And I so damn hope it gets GOTY after all its deffo going to be much much better then, Call of Dogshite: Overrated FPS 3 or SkyRimjob! lol

    • Online orders often arrive a day or 2 early. And Skyrim is Game of the year obviously!

    • Pre orders usually arrive at your door a day or two before release date, to ensure your pre order arrives in time for launch day (Unlike my Street Fighter 4 – when it released feb last year)

    • Dammit, Normally I order thru Amazon, I always get my pre-orders on the day it’s initially released. Where do you guys get it from when it comes days early?

      Unfortunately I bought Driver San Francisco and my nonce of a postman put it through my neighbours house and I was waiting all day for it :@

      B:AC is or should be dispatching today. says my account.

      • ShopTo always get my pre-orders to me at least a day early. They have a policy that if you don’t get it by release day they’ll give you a few quid compensation so they send them out extra early to guarantee it arrives on time.

    • Do they really deserve GOTY? its just a bland reward for the best-selling games, then again I prefer the less hyped.

    • Mine turned up today and so far so good. Catwoman has downloaded and worked as has the pre-order bonus of a 70’s batman suit (DLC not for me to wear while playing!!)

      • Update: not sure about te pre order DLC if that has worked I can’t use it.

        However with better news my GF has loaded this up on her account and she seems to have a working Catwoman after the code was entered on my account.

  6. Should find out when I get home tonight if my codes missing…..

    • Update: Lucky for me my code was in the box, and downloaded ok, just got to see how it plays now.

  7. Too late, the cat’s already out of the bag.

  8. my copy turned up today. will be installing and reporting back later

  9. I have to double check everything on my Limited Edition tomorrow or Saturday…. *grumble….*

  10. What a calamity. Hopefully I’ll find a code in the copy waiting no the doormat for me, though I still feel a little disgruntled that we have to enter them in the first place.

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