TSA F1 Championship Round-up – Week 1

Welcome to week one of our weekly TSA F1 Championship round-ups! In these round-ups we will be giving a very brief summary of each groups races and if availiable, a video recorded from a capture device provided by TSA member Chuggy. So, this was Spa:

Group A

Spa loaded up, and the rain was falling. Oh great, a wet qualifying!

In a session where the rain slowly faded away, and the sun quickly dried the track at the end, several people were caught out by the changing conditions and ended up with poor times from being on the wrong tyres; Manorhowze and myself included. Others gambled right, with AshGraham and Ro6afc11 getting the top two spots.

Sadly Rob was disconnected during the loading screen, but we had to carry on without him at this stage. On a dry track the first corner went almost perfectly, with Baxteros being the only person to get it wrong and spin himself out. Miraculously he took no other cars with him, and everyone zipped up through Au Rouge side by side for a rather terrifying run into Les Combes and out the other end.

Whilst accidents and mistakes were abound back in the pack, AshGraham battled with Manorhowze, Lee-ma and James_m2603 for the lead across practically the entire race. This tussle went right to the end, with Ash winning just ahead of the even closer Manorhowze and Lee-ma in 2nd and 3rd.

The bar has been set very high for qualification from this group to the finals.

Group B

Despite our qualifying starting dry in Group B, it wasn’t plain sailing. Two drivers (Sir_J and Death_in_Flamez) managed to destroy their cars pretty early on costing them a good grid position. Their demise was to the others’ advantage, as Tomjakes managed to secure pole position with Spooferbarnabas in second and Chuggy in third before the rain started to set in towards the last half of the session.

When it came to the race it was pouring with rain. The first corner was surprisingly rather calm but by the time it was coming up to the famous Eau Rouge the middle of the pack was three cars abreast, resulting in Wick15 getting a bump and spinning both him and Stanley1664. Up at the top of the pack though Chuggy had managed to overtake both Spooferbarnabas and Tomjakes in a great move right through the middle of them both (50 seconds into the video below) putting him into first position.

On the final lap Death_in_Flamez had worked his way up to third (Spooferbarnabas hadn’t realised that a pit stop was not mandatory in wet weather conditions) with Matty making a move on him in the final lap. Unfortunately the move resulted in Matty spinning off and having to settle for fourth.

Chuggy took the win for the first race and he even managed to record it so that we could all revel in his glory.

Group C

Jambo set the pace in Group C during qualifying with Freezebug coming in second. Davidsmall2410 reckoned he would have been up there but he had some traffic causing him to cut a corner and have an invalidated lap time.

The race saw Freezebug making his way past Jambo in the first corner thanks to a big dose of KERS only to find himself slipstreamed by Jambo and Scaramanga in the following straight! Others weren’t having such luck however. Flippin was having a slidy rear at 200 mph and lost control of his car partially in a spin which caused his and davidmsmall’s cars to be destroyed and out of the race.

Up front Jambo was having fuel issues and was racing the last few laps on lean, the lowest of the fuel mixes with only a 2.5 second lead between him and second place. Ultimately though Jambo took the win with freeze coming in second and scaramanga in third.

Remember you can catch up on the results tables in the forums over here and take a look at the videos recorded from our drivers over here. You can also see the current results tables over on the next page.

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  1. Off topic slighty but does anyone know if the new 360 wireless wheel ( http://www.thesixthaxis.com/2011/10/19/microsoft-wireless-speed-wheel-review/ ) works with this game? I can see myself picking up a copy some day if it does :)

    • Should do if it works on every game.

  2. Like to thank Chuggy for providing the video and what a move (50secs) like you said very smooth. I kinda wish that has a replay showing all vehicles during the race and record it… it’ll be like watching the highlights xD still fantastic race Chuggy but spoofer was real close though lol at Lap 5 off track xD but spooefer spun out 08:20

    • Oh I’d put 100points on AshGraham99 to win the Championship =D

      • Had enough of me letting you down when you bet then eh Del. :)

      • Sorry Manor I hate wasting points =P but if you lose the next 2 races the odds will be 50/1 for you if you can make a great comeback ;)

      • Ahh, the good old Crazy_Del TSA bookmakers! Always to seems to forget Jambo is playing though :-p

      • It’s nice having no pressure :P

      • 100 points – Jambo win ;}

      • There are at least 5 people that should be at the same odds of winning the tournament that I can think of…are you forgetting Spoof etc. etc.

    • No problem, glad you liked the video! :)

  3. Eh the scores for Group C aren’t in the final column of the spreadsheet btw just to let yee know.

    • This is something that happens regularly when Jambo is involved. A fair few of us are still waiting for him to update the table to the GT5 SuperGT championship! :-p

  4. Congrats to Chuggy and Jambo for their wins and to Ash for taking the top spot in my Group. Great race long battle with the top four, I managed to lead after Lap 2 up until Lap 7 but once they caught me up again it was anyones race.

    Thoroughly enjoyable Race and I should have a better video for next time as I am gonna borrow a proper camcorder instead of using my phone.

  5. Great post, but in the text the results of Group C are, erm, wrong….sorry!

  6. Was a fantastic race in group A! Happy I managed to nab the win in the end. Congrats to all other winners and podium finishers. Looking forward to Montreal, won there last year and it’s a favourite track of mine.

  7. Apart from the 1st lap had rather quiet race with no one around me. Hope to do a bit better in Montreal with my new wheel.
    Congrats to Ash,Chuggy and Jambo for the wins.

  8. gutted i missed first race, will defo be there next week

  9. I might be able to record some races soon, am getting a dazzle of my mate soon. Though might take a while to upload but none the less will try and do my best!

  10. NIce video, will be following this closely for sure! shame i couldn’t race with you guys this time around!

    Congrats to the winners =]

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