Battlefield 3 Launch Trailer Released

With the game only days away from hitting stores, a new Battlefield 3 trailer has been released. Hopefully TSA will get the chance to review the game and give it a thorough going over.

Check it out below.

Source: YouTube



  1. one of the best trailers i have seen for a long time and there me thinking they could’nt outdo the multiplayer one from the other day, but damn you DICE you have bravo to the effort you guys have put into thi game wondering if MW3 is just doing a little poo right about now…..prob not as they know all the sheep will listen to the shepard as usual…. well not me this time im the rouge sheep jumping the bf3 fence FREEEEEEDOM!! lol

  2. This trailer is just fantastic.. Cannot wait. Might have to visit home from uni to play it..

  3. Oooh this game looks good

  4. Oo the dude that talks about ‘Homeland defence’ is the actor who always plays that High-ranking / general-type role in Michael Bay films / any American patriotism movie: Armaggeddon, Transformers, Independence Day.

    That is an excellent trailer, looks like the animation tech will be backed up with some impressive voice-acting as well.

    Can DiCE pull off a campaign that’s worthy of comparison to the epic multiplayer that I loved BF2 and 2142 for?

    • “Homeland security”……I seem to have bastardised that and the MoD.

  5. Why is it that all Summer there are no games released and then come September, our wallets are assaulted by continuous waves of games?? And when they have trailers like this, I’m basically being forced to buy them!

    • Shopping trends one would expect.

      A lot more people are out shopping at this time of year for crimbo, whereas people have a tendency to lounge around in the sun (or rain in England) in Summer.

  6. Saint’s Row 3’s trailer was better. :P

    • I agree, not enough people dressed as rabbits toting rocket launchers in this trailer for my liking.

    • who knows. perhaps some dlc will sort this out

  7. Cancelled my pre order for pc to let a couple of patches come out first and wait for it to hit £20 as pc games always do. Hopefully by then Steam (fingers crossed) will have it as Origin sux!

  8. wow that is by far the best trailer I’ve seen for an FPS

  9. thats a really great trailer, can’t wait for my pre order to turn up

  10. Completed my pre-load and ready to go, just need to avoid crying when the US gets to fire-up on the 25th :(

    • Try freezing yourself Cartman stylee – what could possibly go wrong?

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