Ezio Confirmed for Soul Calibur V

Namco Bandai and Ubisoft today announced that Ezio Auditore, of Assassin’s Creed fame, will be a playable guest character in SOULCALIBUR V for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Ezio will be packing his wide range of assassination tools including a Roman Longsword, Stiletto, Crossbow, Hidden gun and his trademark Hidden blade.


Source: Press Release


  1. Include the Brotherhood! Sure it’d be horribly unbalanced to have all these other Assassin’s flood the screen, but fuck it.

    • If Soul Calibur had fatalities, you can bet this would be one!

      Ezio strolls off to the side of the screen & sits down to positively reflect on how the fight went, whilst the brotherhood go to work on the unsuspecting victim!

  2. And with Ezio added, I’m now tempted to buy this.

  3. That’s it – this game just went from a maybe to a yes. Properly impressed by Namco for bagging this one :)

    • On the basis of one character!? Bit odd to me, but whatever flats your boat…

  4. Got this reserved on my LoveFILM list. A ‘try before I buy’ for me.

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