Modern Warfare 3 Launch Trailer Goes Live

With a couple of weeks to go, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launch trailer has been released.

Declaring the game to be “the most anticipated” in history, it’s your typical fast paced affair. It seems no matter what you choose as your FPS fix over the next month, you’re in for a treat.

Source: YouTube


  1. But the thing is, nobody cares about SP in MW3, because the story sucks in MW games. They might as well make MW4 MP only.

    • I quite like the SP in MW games. My kind of game.

      • Couldn’t have said it better really.

      • People do care though, most CoD fans I know can’t wait to playthrough it.
        Personally, CoD 1, 2, and 4 were the highlights for me.

      • CoD4 is renowned as having one of the best military FPS single player stories ever. MW2 was a bit of a blip but the mistakes made in the build up to MW3 aren’t being made like they were in MW2 (Giving away all the major set pieces in trailers, so far, no leaks).
        I, for one, would be extremely disappointed if MW4 went multiplayer only, because there’d be no Spec Ops as well!

      • Wasn’t the entire story for MW3 leaked several months ago? I know part of it could’ve been fake, but the trophy list seemed to reinforce the possibly it was true.

      • Ah, fair point. I’d forgot about that because I completely avoided it.

      • Tbh, I liked the sp in the only CoD game I have – MW2. All out action, lots of explosions. However I prefer the online of BC2.

      • Funny, most COD fans i know couldn’t care less about the SP, they only play COD for the MP.

        I guess people are different :>

    • i wouldn’t say i care for it but i do still find it fun in a really guilty totally disgusted way. if that makes sense?

      • i dont find it really fun to be honest its just feels like a grind.

      • I can understand that, I like the story mode, but if you put it on the highest difficulty it does just become a chore.

      • oh i find it very stupid and the politics that drive the story actually offend me but there are the odd moments where my jaw drops and it makes the slog worth it

    • i really like the single player intense and hectic the storys quite clever actally

    • I play it for the SP if Im honest.

    • Personally, I loved Cod4, but MW2 was pretty poor IMO.

  2. most anticipated yeah right according to them…..

    • Exactly!

      • According to peoples wallets on previous sales & current pre-orders actually.
        Cant wait for both sp & mp, sp my first order of business, enjoy mp maps more when i’ve seem them in sp first. hardened edition pre-ordered.
        Will be devoting alot of time to mp, both on this & bf3.

    • According to pre-orders, BlOps was the most successful title ever, taking over from MW2 & pre-orders for MW3 are massively in front of pre-orders for BlOps, I presume this is where they get their statement from.

      • snap. That’ll teach not to keep comment box open, while i’m away making a cuppa:)

      • Haha I apologie! :P

  3. Really good trailer but the Battlefield 3 launch trailer has me much more excited.
    That said, ‘worldwide phoenomena’ and ‘most anticipated game ever’ makes the game sound so much up it’s own arse that darkness is the only thing there.

    • I think you’ve missed the last several months where DICE have proclaimed themselves gods amongst mere mortals. :P

      • Not DICE (for the most part :P) but EA. The whole thing is rather silly if you ask me :P

    • To be honest I think it’s a bragging right they have earned! Going off previous CoD sales figures.

    • if ti were a quote from a review i’d be alright with it but self proclamed just looks smug no matter how hi the sales are

  4. Unbelievably excited for this, trailer looks amazing! :D

  5. As much as I think MW3 was be a very good game, ultimately, I don’t think my interest was ever sufficent enough for me to justify buying it. Still, good trailer.

    • * will. We need an edit button around here.

      • that’s called proof-reading mate xD

  6. Trailer didn’t do much for me, the BF3 one looked better, in my opinion, but just in the way it was put together. I much prefer the style of the battlefield propaganda, with the crazy noises and ear killing..

  7. I’m still waiting for the glorious return of Tony hawks Activision, *waits*

    Not interested in Cod or FPS in general so I have nothing much to say *shrugs*

    • yeah! or a HD remake of Underground, I think Skate blew the tony hawk series out of the water.

      • Skate had nothing on the Pro Skater series.
        Bring THAT back in HD.

      • my bad I meant this gen’s series on tony hawk, proving ground and ride didn’t go down well.

    • Played Skate 2 and 3….and well they weren’t as great, I mean they where a bit flawed but still fun but I prefer the Tony Hawk games.. maybe the could try and return to its roots since I’d rather have a fresh game than a remake….imo

  8. Not really interested by the single player in Call of Duty, since COD4 it’s gone downhill in terms of that aspect. However, it’s the multiplayer which I’m interested in. Has to be said the BF3 trailer was a lot more exciting that this.

  9. Came to check it out after hearing that the trailer was amazing. I wasn’t interested before, and I’m not now either. It still looks visually underwhelming, and sadly Spec-Ops isn’t enough to warrant a purchase from me – however much fun it is.

    I think I’ll hold off COD until the next generation shift, as I’ve grown quite bored of the corridor FPS’ as of late.

  10. i liked mw1 + mw2 story mode. the other cod games are crap. so might get this next year when cheaper just for the story mode. bored of online fps. same old sh-t, its getting like fifa every year.

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