Battlefield 3 Day One Patch Makes The Game ‘Final’

DICE’s David Goldfarb has confirmed that the day one Battlefield 3 patch will take the game to its proper state, incorporating all the last minute changes the developer didn’t manage to nail down before the game went gold.

In a response over Twitter, Goldfarb replied to a query regarding IGN’s stalling of a console review, saying that the patch, which is around 170MB, has “all the final stuff”.


Existing reviews of the game have all been for the PC version, with no officially sanctioned console reviews currently on the ‘net.  We’ve pinged EA again this morning for an estimation on delivery of review code so we can let you know what it’s like.

Current word is that whilst the multiplayer is amazing, single player is – according to one review at least – ‘lacklustre’.



  1. I generally dont care, im in a minority of fed up of moaning.

  2. SP is why I buy this & COD.

    • Save your money and rent them then…

      Why no MP? It is universally regarded as the best part of BF and COD, gives 10’s or 100’s of hours of entertainment and is a genuine challenge, unlike SP with it’s invisible spawn trip wires and half arsed AI.

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