Bethesda Releases Live Action Skyrim Trailer

Skyrim is due to hit the shelves in a couple of weeks and Bethesda are stepping up their ad campaign with this live action video.


The advert is fantastic, showing Dragonborn face up to a dragon which is striking fear into a village’s residents.

This just makes me want Skyrim more.  Skyrim will release November 11 2011.

Source: Bethesda



  1. They sure do know how to tease.

    • Don’t they just! Spent some money there eh? Between this and Dark Souls I can see this years hibernati….sorry, winter being a very cosy one :)

      • If I manage to kill DS’ “Super” Ornstein before snapping any more controllers that is. The mans a first class barsteward

  2. Yeah.
    Looks rather awesome.

  3. Must have Skyrim. Whatever is left of my social life will be gone after the 11th of next month, and I’m totally good with that :)

  4. Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather have a nice CG trailer than something like this.

    • I dunno, room for both, so let’s have one of those too please Bethesda :)

  5. i really don’t wanna break up with my girlfriend in November, but needs must!

    • Send me a picture after the 11th, I might be able to take her off your hands.

      • lol and then big lol :D

      • perhaps we can arrange some temporary loan until i have completed Skyrim.

  6. Looks like a very competent home movie, but a home movie none the less. The dragon is entirely unnecessary, the village seems more than capable of burning down itself. Before I sound too negative I am really looking forward to this.

    • “the village looks more than capable of burning down itself” haha, very true!

      • If i was Dragonborn, i would be “oh feck this” then go home as i won’t save them if they intend on burning down their village.

    • Looks high budget to me & that was at the ps3s good old 240p. Hoping they do a similar short movie, to Acrd Lineage.
      I’d almost forgot about skyrimblasphemy i know,) what with the bfmw frenzy.

  7. This looks very Game of Thrones to me, which is a good thing. Great trailer.

  8. Damm you bethesade for making me want Skyrim even more! I had better have a job before it releases or i will not be happen, unless a certain community manager will do a comp for it and i win said comp.

    • If all else fails, turn to the oldest profession? :P

    • You could always sell dragon souls on the black market.

  9. I love you TSA.

    • D’aww. We love you too.

  10. WOW!! Awesome trailer.

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