Podcast: Episode 40

So we had two issues on this week’s podcast.

Firstly, Peter is missing again. Unfortunately this time it wasn’t due to something as fun as a birthday, it seems his internet has been misbehaving. In fact it’s probably more accurate to say it’s missing entirely, rather than just misbehaving. On top of that Kev had to dash off to something important, leaving it looking like it might be just Lewis and I.

Fortunately another Peter, Peter Willington, stepped into the breach at the final hour. You may well know him as xeroxeroxero, one of our contributors. If his voice sounds familiar it’s because he appeared on the first of our podcasts from EGX. It may also be because he runs the InRetroSpect podcasts, which are really worth a listen.

The other issue we had, and it’s a far bigger one, is that Lewis unfortunately forgot to hit record when we started the podcast. Luckily, I record a local copy of the Skype call on my end but it’s a bit low quality. I’ve tried to splice in higher quality audio from Peter and I where possible, so if you notice any significant changes in the quality that’s why.

Lewis did record some of the podcast on his end, so at least the ending sounds good.

Problems out of the way, you probably want to know what we actually talked about. Well we kick off by looking at the issues surrounding Batman: Arkham City‘s launch, and then take a quick turn into looking at what’s going on with the lack of Battlefield 3 reviews. From there Peter guides us through his experiences with Imagine Journalist, which sounds crazy, as well as indie title Trauma, which sounds both crazy and artistic.

As for Lewis, he chats about the animated film Mars Needs Moms, as well as wrapping up his experiences with RAGE. Personally I take a look at the second issue of the rebooted Justice League and get angry about the resolution, or lack thereof, to Marvel’s Fear Itself event.

Anyway, I think that’s all the important things that came up on the podcast, although it’s worth noting that this ran a bit long, skipping over the two hour mark with ease.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. didn’t i ask that “what game universe would you like to live in?” question a few months back.?

    anyway, i got 21 on the quiz.\(^_^)/
    one thing though, it sounded like somebody said the character from the shining was called Johnny.
    but the character is actually called Jack Torrance, the here’s johnny thing is from the tonight show i think it was.

    Peter made a point i feel has been under-represented in this pass discussion, i’ve tried to make the point a few times.
    how will these scheme affect people wanting to go back and play old games, either for fun or for some academic purpose.

    there are going to be whole generations of pc games that will simply be impossible to play in the future.
    what with most big name titles using steam, origin or some other online service that ties the whole game to a single user.

    and the last thing i want to address today.
    games into movies/tv shows.

    mass effect would make a great tv series, it’d be expensive, but there’s so much scope in that universe that it could run for years with ever running out of stories to tell.
    i don’t think a two hour movie could do it justice.

    and what you said about making movies based on games with zero plot.
    i assume you’ve heard about the Battleship movie.
    based on the, um, i wanna say board game, but you don’t really play on a board.
    anyway, that “you sunk my battleship” game.

    they turned it into an alien invasion movie.

    here’s the trailer.

    ok this is the last thing, pirates?
    really Lewis?
    i’m so disappointed right now. :(

    • I was feeling a little bad for the podcast gang, since there was only one reply on this post. Now I see you’ve written an essay I don’t feel so bad. ;)

    • You always manage to listen to the podcast before me and always make good comments. I think they should invite you on as a guest some week.
      Anyway, Mass Effect tv show? Yes please.

  2. “Basically, Lewis is a fu%*ing idiot.” – best opening to a podcast ever. Congrats on 40 episodes and good work stitching Lewis in.

  3. I’m currently listening to it now. How did Lewis forget to press record after doing 39 episodes?

    It could have been worse, Kris could have forgot to press record as well.

    • I was busy trying to fix my phone. I was distracted. Leave me alone and stop judging me. :P

      • No! You shall be known as the bloke who forgot to press record after doing it for 39 episodes from here on. :P Plus blame Kris for bring attention to your cock up. ;)

      • we just miss you is all

  4. Oh, Lewis. You massive spabbage :-P

  5. Yeey, I won! :D
    Thanks for the film guys.
    And yes our DVD/BR-players do come in pieces that we have to asemble!

    Also I did check this map before I entered the competition. :D

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