GTA V Announced

[drop2]Rockstar has just announced Grand Theft Auto V via their website.

Yes, we’re as surprised as you are – it’s come out of nowhere and already half the internet is talking about it.


According to the site, a trailer will follow on the 2nd of November, but nothing else is known yet apart from that ‘V’ looking suspiciously like a dollar bill, or the back of a playing card.

Money’s involved in a GTA game?  Surely not.  Vegas?  Maybe.

We’ll update when we can – we’re expecting a press release at some point.  In the meantime – GO WILD in the comments with speculation on what that ‘V’ is all about, that’s what they’re there for.



  1. About time!

    • I really wasn’t expecting that. Especially after the Max Payne announcement.

    I’m just going to stick to folding posts from now… there’s always some bastard that beats me to it :D.
    Literally cannot wait, will prob be getting it on PC, much prettier. Although PS3 will get me trophies and meets with you lot.

    • Beaten by 4 minutes.

  3. Its silly how excited i am just by looking at that one picture on the website!

    • I could show you some pictures that do that ;)

      • im probably already looking at them ;)

  4. What a very interesting logo! Wonder if the entire internet will crash when the trailer goes live like it did with GTAIV…

    • Very interesting logo! Doesn’t look like it’ll be modern day when you look at the “V”.

      • Am actually thinking that they might be looking to set it in Vegas maybe?

      • that would be awesome if its set in Vegas!

      • Forrest I think that’s a good shout. Vegas would be a perfect setting for GTA.

      • GTA: SA did vegas pretty well

      • Vegas would be the ultimate setting! and with This Is Vegas getting cancelled i want it to be Vegas

      • San Andreas was set in Vegas? I seriously did not realise that? I can’t remember the strip at all! Just remember the amazing plane graveyard.

      • Vancouver was the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the V. I want a maple syrup gun… and pancakes… and bacon.

      • no, it was set on the west coast so took in la, san fran and las vegas (if im not mistaken?)

      • Well, technically San Andreas was based on several cities. Los Santos was LA, San Fierro was San Francisco and Las Venturas was Vegas.

    • Take a look at the V’s cut-out… looks a lot like an upside-down spade… that combined with the monetary look… got to be Vegas.

  5. Awesome! Already know for sure it will be golden!

  6. It’s gonna have elephants you can ride and mount rockets on and a shuttle you can actually go into space on and run around on the moon shooting aliens and a genetics lab where you can grow weird bio-mechanical enhancements and all the cars are licensed and the voice actors include George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Christian Bale, Nolan North (obviously) and you will be able to fire a nuke at the end.

  7. YES! excited :)

  8. Unless they go back to the style seen in GTA3, where it was actually fun to play, I’ll stick to the Saint’s series ta.

    • Yeah, I’m more excited about Saints Row The Third than this.

    • Vice City was hilarious :O !

      • It was indeed. Plus Ballad of Gay Tony went back to the ridiculousness. R* have done a couple of serious games now, I reckon they might go back to silly.

      • Seconded – Vice is my fave of the series.

        It was a learning process for them up to that point on what made a fun game (3 was pretty damn close) & everything after it has just had unnecessary stuff in that has dragged the experience down (like building body mass in SA & continuously ‘dating’ friends in IV). Vice was the pinnacle of fun as far as i am concerned.

        Hopefully ‘V’ will revisit times gone by & be as great as i hope it will be.

    • Agreed, haven’t enjoyed GTA series since Vice City. Saints Row is where my loyalty lies now.

    • GTA IV was a big dissapointment after having played through 3, Vice and San. Completed the storyline in IV but had no desire to go back for more, unlike the previous games…especially Vice!

      • Brilliant news though and fingers crossed for a return to what they did best :)

      • I loved IV and the add-ons…guess I wanted the series to mature somewhat and the humour was there just much more satirical and less about neon dildo’s etc…It owes a lot to the humour of the Sopranos so I prey they keep in with this style instead of following Saints Row, after all different strokes (and I don’t mean Gary Coleman!)

      • I’m with you blagger, I’ve been playing GTA since the first one so the fact that it (IV) grew up a bit and became a bit more subtle and ascerbic was welcome for me. I don’t wanna play the same game I played in ’96 or whenever it was.

        So long as it bears no resemblance at all to San Andreas, I don’t mind :D

        Saints looks like it might be a laugh, so I’ll have a butchers at that too no doubt. Never played the series but the buzz around this one has piqued my interest somewhat.

    • Agreed, I’m not interested in another yawn fest. Would be nice if it went to another country, although Vegas would make a decent setting because it’s already so ridiculous.

      • “Vegas would make a decent setting because it’s already so ridiculous”.

        I found myself thinking that too, Vegas to me looks like the most repulsive city on earth, so the idea of a GTA game set amongst the corruption and sleaze of the organised racketeering and casinos is oddly appealing.

  9. Loved 1, 2, 3, VC really didn’t like SA or 4 and am baffled as to how the fantastic achievement of Liberty City in 4 was enough to make it the highest reviewed game ever, likewise RDR. Hopefully R* can pull it off, meanwhile I just bought the complete collection off Steam for £4.99 includes 1-3, VC, SA, 4 & both Stories From Liberty City. Great deal.

    • got that too! cant wait to plug my dualshock into my pc and get bashing away in the tank in gta!

    • It seems most of the internet did too, steam ran out of license keys for GTAIV, so I couldn’t play it til last night.. :(

  10. I can not wait.

    Please don’t let it be like GTA IV, the character needs to be some sort of American. I hated Niko and his accent.

    • You daft racist

      • Lol no. Niko was just a terrible main character.

        I want GTA games to always have an American lead character. Native American not so much though as I don’t think it would work.

      • Nico is reflective of the times…at least he was less stereotypical than say the cardboard cutout that was Tommy Vercetti

      • GTA London was a great laugh back in the day awayze, dunno if you ever had the pleasure mate, but that may disavow you of your disdain for non-American leads if you get the chance :)

        (I liked Nico though, personally I thought it quite a fresh angle)

      • Keep comments free from insults, please. (AG)

    • Definitely not American. Move it around the world. The cultural diversity would enrich the franchise.

      • Canadian then. :)

      • not spanish ;)

      • Scottish. That would be a laugh.

      • Can I pee on your fire by pointing out that the font looks a whole lot like that of an American dollar bill.

      • An Alien In New York, ooohhhhWOOOOOOO

      • Sorry all, I managed to completely ignore the top comment. Leaving mine rather irrelevant.

      • Then Green is making me think Irish.

      • Ooo, and the currency is mushy peas!

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