Steel Battalion Trailer Shows Off Hybrid Controls

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is about as ‘core’ as you’re likely to see on Kinect. It’s a mech battle game that’s kind of like tank warfare. You use Kinect to control the inside of your mech and the controller to move your vehicle (are they vehicles, technically?).

It looks pretty fancy in this trailer but I can’t help wondering how many people will drop controllers when doing the flappy-arms bit. Still, it’s something other than dancing, right?

Source: YouTube



  1. This may seem crazy, but it’s WAY less crazy than original Steel Battalion (which I still want).

    • Loved the first two, hope this is as good.

  2. Mecha is my absolute favourite sci-fi genre. This may prompt me to actually go out and get a kinect.

  3. Doesn’t look as good as Hawken, but the kinect-controls are interesting.

    I think a Star Wars mech game with AT-AT’s would be sweet.

    • No, but then Hawken looks AMAZING! Star wars might be cool, they still just need to make a move Star wars game – the kinect one looked amazingly bad…

      • Nice idea with the AT-ATs, that would be a laugh, especially if we got to torch ewoks :D

        Hawken does look awesome too and it made me dig out my old copy of Phantom Crash. What an underrated game that was.

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