TSA Loses Out On ‘Best Website’ GMA

Just a note to say that TheSixthAxis lost out in the ‘Best Website’ category at tonight’s Games Media Awards to Eurogamer. Although we got quite a nice cheer as our name was read out during our category, we didn’t secure enough votes from the gaming industry and – sadly – came away with nothing but a few beers.

I’m gutted.  Pleased for everyone that won an award, sure, but gutted for our guys.  It’s a lovely site to write for, as I said this morning, but it would have been nice for some recognition of all the hard work we put in for nothing back but some nice comments and the odd free game.


Not that we really thought we’d win, it’s clear that this is still very much an industry ruled by the big publishers like Future and Imagine and the likes of the massive Eurogamer network, but there was just that tiny spark of hope today, a glimmer, that other people might have felt the same way as we do.  We hope some people did vote for us – thank you.

Other awards included Rock Paper Shotgun for best blog and Edge Magazine for best print, the latter at least I can certainly relate to – there’s nothing else on the market that even comes close.

Regardless, onwards and upwards.  We still reckon we’re doing everything we can and what we do, we do right.  Peter’s editorial stance of no interview pre-loading, as little ‘headline grabbing’ as possible and a strong focus on mutual respect means that we can rely on you guys, our community, to know that you’re our top priority.

A community that we are hugely thankful for, and a community that gets on well with each other.  We won’t rest, though – we’ve got some nice things in the pipeline for the next twelve months and – hopefully – we’ll be back with a nomination next year and perhaps we’ll bag another couple of votes in the running.

I don’t run TSA anymore, but I’m still proud as hell for what we’ve done and what we’ve become.  And for a site like ours, built from nothing, with no help, no funding and no real idea at the start of what this is all about, we can’t ask for more than that.




  1. Hakuna Matata ?

    • Aww, what a wonderful phrase.

      • Hakuna Matata! Ain’t no passing craze…

      • It means no worries, for the rest of your days.

      • It’s our problem free… Philosophy…

      • It’s our problem free…

      • Ninja’d…by seven minutes…how…

    • What’s a motto?

      Nothin’ what’s the mottoh’ with you?

  2. Fucking congrats anyway guys. Seriously. There was no site there that deserved this better than you, and I’m gutted for everyone, but that’s the way these things go.

    For what it’s worth, an award doesn’t matter a jot in the great scheme of things. We all know who our favourite site is. We all know who our favourite writers are. This site. You guys.

    TSA has a personality that you don’t see at other sites, Eurogamer included. No other site has Peter, the editor who has run this site so brilliantly it’s unbelievable. I guarantee you you won’t see Tom Bramwell in a bath. Nobody else has Alex, his dulcet Scottish tones penetrating the news writing articles and opinions with a fantastic bluntness and to the point attitude, saying what he thinks. Who else has Isaac, whose fighting game reviews are so in-depth it hurts my eyes. Tuffcub’s Massive Polls and strangely humerous news pieces. And Dan, the news hound, who has unparalleled passion and drive to delver news. A great community team. A great community.

    Screw the GMA’s. Everyone in this site’s fantastic community know who the real winners are.

  3. Fix!

    TSA has come on leaps and bounds since I joined, it’s only going to go in the right direction! Hopefully will see you winning this award in the not-too-distant future :D

    • Not implying that it was because of me that it got better :p

  4. you’ll always be my favourite website that counts for something right ? … right ?

  5. Shame as you guys deserve it but i’ve no doubt you’ll eventually get the recognition you deserve with the work ethic you have!

  6. For me, its a blessing you didn’t win, and here’s why. In order to win, you’d have to have a larger readership, and that means more Arseholes. Once you win, you’ll get even more members, even more Arseholes. This site is great because it has a real community feeling, the larger the readership, the more diminished the sense of community becomes. So while I want the site to succeed, and I want you all to be paid good money for what you do, there’s a large part of me that doesn’t want it to happen!

    • Agreed – There’s a humour here that’s decidedly lacking in many other gaming sites, either replaced with a straight laced, keep it safe, or pretentious holier-than-thou, attitude. And as for Eurogamer winning, I’d give their efforts an 8 out of 10 max ;)

  7. Good things take time guys. You put a lot of great work into this site. You’ll get those awards soon!

  8. The nomination alone shows how far this site has come. One day, I’m sure you’ll get the recognition you all deserve. I love TSA.

  9. Erm… OK.

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