Why TheSixthAxis Should Win A GMA Tonight

First, a disclaimer: we don’t think we’re going to win.  We just think, perhaps, we should.

Sure, we’re biased.  That much should be obvious – some of us have written for a few publications in the past on a freelance level (and been paid well, too, occasionally) but TSA’s family feeling and lovely community means that when we do writing stuff these days, it’s for free, for this site.

We’re not journalists.  None of us are.  We don’t have a fancy office, corporate backers or a magazine publisher for support.  We all have other jobs and TSA is something we do because we love it.  It’s hard to explain why exactly, but we feel that – just once – we should get some kind of recognition for all the hard work we do.

[drop2]Sure, there’re ads, but last time a cheque rolled in the money went on rent for a house for a week for the Eurogamer Expo, some podcasting hardware and a video camera.  Apart from the basics, it’s all pushed back into the site, to make it better and to make our roles a little more fun.

And so, tonight, is the Games Media Awards.  We’ve been nominated for ‘Best Site’ which, thank you, was voted for by the general public (or at least those out there with more than a passing interest for gaming).  Being nominated was lovely, it made us smile.

But we’re up against some stiff competition: CVG (with their “ballsy, uncompromising personality”); Eurogamer (the “largest independent games website in the UK”); GameSpot (“a market leader in its field with 4.6 million unique users in the UK”); IGN (with “the largest audience of gamers in the UK”) and VideoGamer.com, God is a Geek and Gaming Union.

We don’t get traffic like the big guys – but we do get more a day than the ABC figures of some gaming mags would suggest they do in a month.  That’s not our only target, though, it’s recognition, acceptance into a frustratingly close-knit industry and to, just now and again, hear some nice things said about us and the work we do.

We won’t win, that’s for sure, but we won’t give up trying.



  1. TSA all the way. Really, really hope you guys win.


    • Me too. It’s the only site I visit everyday. I love it.

      • Ditto

      • It’s the only one I visit compulsively and actually pay attention to. I mean, facebook’s always there, but never really concentrated on..

  2. You will win. Believe!!!

  3. Put simply, this is the most unbiased informative site out there & i need go nowhere else for my news.

    Totally deserved nomination & i hope to god that you win (as none of the others deserve it as much as you).

    I don’t usually speak in acronyms, but here it is called for;

    TSA FTW.

    • I’m with you, and many others no doubt.
      Well done on the nomination TSA – certainly well deserved. The community here is definitely one of the best in the world of media in my opinion. It maybe small in comparison to the other sites but it surely packs a punch! (Peacefully of course!) :D

    • I’m with you on this one Forrest. There is no other site for me. My browser history consists of
      TSA and the lottery results checker, that is all.

  4. I hope you win. Just to be recognised is an achievement in it self. But you guys deserve more.

  5. Surely just a nomination is a great achievement? It’ll hopefully bring the site to the attention of a lot more people and that should increase visitor numbers, especially when they see the site isn’t just another cut and paste commercial site.

  6. Viva TSA!

  7. yep, tsa should win!

  8. TSA is the most “mature” and grown up site i visit. the discussions are interesting, fun and not filled with a load of kids squabling. Plus, the news is always fast and reliable! I need go no where else!

    • Exactly the same for me, love TSA! Good luck guys :D

  9. I’m guessing that there are no awards we can influence with a public vote? If that’s the case then my previous experience with industry awards (admittedly not in this particular industry) is that the winner will be the team who sent the most notes in a manilla envelope to the awards organisers. You guys did use a manilla envelope right? The colour is important!

  10. Ever since I stumbled across TSA it has become my primary source of gaming information – I even stopped buying every single issue of EDGE for the first time since launch.

    Love the editorial style, the humour and honesty of your team and the fact that you all engage so openly with your community – which, to my mind is the best community I’ve encountered across any site, not just games journalism.

    The love of gaming comes across from everyone here, staff and community members, whether I agree with people on an issue or not and the fact that such open discussion is protected is a hugely important and valuable thing for me.

    Long may it continue and best of luck tonight.

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