DC Universe Online ‘Free-To-Play’ Switch Dated

Originally pencilled in for this month, Sony Online Entertainment has announced that DC Universe Online will be switching to the free-to-play model as of November 1st.

So, those who wish to play the game for nought can, but will be missing some content (that can be purchased separately). Those who have spent, or will spend $5 will become Premium members, allowing you extra benefits such as additional character and inventory slots.


Legendary membership is saved for those who want a lifetime sub, or will be spending $15 a month. This allows you to access DLC packs at no extra cost, over 15 character slots, more than 80 inventory slots, and the ability to form unrestricted-sized leagues plus other benefits.

Source: Gamesradar




  1. Very excited to try this out…

    • Me too,.preowned too maybe ha

  2. i’m still hoping that having bought the game and played for a month gets me premium status.
    and that the eu version is also released on wednesday.

    • They have confirmed that anyone who bought the game, even if they only played their free month, WILL be Premium, because in effect you have given them more than the required $5.

  3. With Uncharted 3 out next week I doubt I’ll get round to re-downloading the massive patches until Decemeber. Still, it’s great to see that it hasn’t been delayed too far behind schedule.

  4. very interested in trying this now.

  5. Does this mean we can download it from the store for free, or we have to buy the disk and then the subscription is free?

    • It will be a free download from the store. Beware though, the install file for the disc version is 17gb!

      • Jesus! With my puny cap I won’t get that downloaded until next year :(

        I was looking forward to this to…

  6. I bought and started playing this game yesterday, thinking that by the time the 1 month starting period is over, the game will have switched to FtP mode.
    Once you boot the game you have to wait for a 35 min install and then for a 8gb patch (3,5 hours) that of course can’t be Background downloaded…

  7. I look forward to terrorising the DC cities as evil generic Bald Space marine. :p Does anyone know how big the install is and how big the patches are? As i only have a 80gigger.

    • Scroll up a bit. And get deleting stuff :)

  8. Ever since i first saw the trailer for this game ive wanted to play it but knew i couldn’t (money matters)

    i even noted (the post probably still exists) in one of the earlier articles that if this game was free to play id have no reason not to play it.

    plus i wont be able to get Uncharted 3 on November 1st (as it releases two days later in Aus) so ill have something to do while i wait for it to be released.

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