Jaws: Ultimate Predator Video

Time for a ‘Friday’ video, this week featuring everyone’s favourite limb nosher, Jaws, who is making his debut on the 3DS next month.

The gameplay looks remarkably similar to Jaws Unleashed, one of the best PS2 games that you have never played. The obvious selling point is that you play as Jaws himself and spend most of the game chomping on unsuspecting swimmers and nibbling on boats.


Check out the video for the 3DS game and below that, footage from Jaws Unleashed on the PS2.

Source: YouTube / YouTube



  1. We may well require a somewhat larger sea going vessel.

  2. With shark attacks on the increase and people loosing limbs, others loosing entire loved ones, this couldn’t of been better timed. CHOMP.

  3. He’s either very clever or very dumb

  4. aw finally a 3DS game I actually want!

  5. This looks awful. I love it!

  6. Echo the Dolphin on roids

  7. This looks like it would be amusing for a short time, but would get stale very, very fast.

  8. This looks so bad that I would find it enjoyable. Got to love Jaws.

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