Counter Strike: Global Offensive Closed Beta Delayed

The Counter Strike: Global Offensive Closed Beta has been pushed back to address some feedback.

The closed beta was meant to begin in October but in an interview with ESEA News, Valve’s Chet Faliszek said that they had received gameplay feedback from Counter Strike expert testers who highlighted some issues.


When the closed beta does go up a maximum of 10,000 players will test out Counter Strike: Global Offensive, with the player numbers increasing in stages.

Once closed beta testing has been done, an open beta will launch for everyone. Chet, speaking about the open beta, said “It will be the release game that you’re just playing and then at some point we’ll say, ‘Okay, now we’re going to officially release it.’

A new release date for the closed beta is yet to be announced by Valve.

Source: Joystiq



  1. “The Counter Strike: Global Offensive Closed Beta has been pushed back to address some feedback.” what, that it doesn’t feel like a CS game? ;)

  2. I wouldn’t want to have a GO anyway,

    Ba dum tish!

  3. I’m about as surprised as when Valve delayed every other thing they’ve ever made. In fairness though, the games they make are of outstanding quality, so I’m more than happy to wait for them.

  4. My code keeps sitting in Steam for this. Shame as everyone will just be busy with MW3 or BF3 though.

    • I will indeed be playing BF3 from here til… 2013? :) But I’ll try to squeeze some CS:GO in, just for nostalgia sake.

      Old Timey Checklist:
      1) “Fucking AWPer!”
      2) Flashbang self
      3) Buy SAW because of cash glut, lose three rounds in a row and be too poor to buy armour.

      • From what i heard you don’t buy armour in GO.

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