GTA V – First Trailer Goes Live

After one hell of an initial reveal (causing all manner of me-too articles and year-old wish lists to plague the internet for the following week) Rockstar have finally revealed the actual trailer.

Here it is.


Like it? Love it? We want to know what you think – good or bad. Is this the future of gaming or just something that’s already overhyped? Go wild. Don’t hold back.



  1. I’m looking forward to the game but found the trailer to be a bit meh still. Nothing reeeally shown apart from bits of the city itself, which looks pretty impressive and sprawling which I like.
    I just hope the gameplay is fun again and the driving mechanic is finally fixed back to the PS2 era!


    • Why would you want ps2 driving physics?? The driving was probably one of the only things I enjoyed in gta 4….

  2. It won’t play (-_-)

    • Rockstar and cinematics are like tits n flange. Gods gift lol. Looks like an amalgamated mix of all gtas influences…I like…

  3. graphics look pretty good!

    • Looks better with each play, second shot in the trailer was a bad choice in my opinion though.

      • Which one? The joggers? Dare I ask why?

  4. Love it. Want it. Sold. Job done Rockstar.

  5. Looking brilliant, already want it!

  6. It looks nice and it’s in San Andreas!

  7. Can’t see it. Will have to go elsewhere.

    • Ah, fixed already. Looking pretty good, i must say.

  8. “meh” was exactly what i thought.

    was that guy dressed like nico holding the “need money” sign a dig at the guy who voiced nico and demanded more money after the GTA IV’s release?

    • I’m glad someone else through this, my first four thoughts were; character models are bad, enviromental graphics make up for that, urg San Andreas AGAIN! Rockstar are running out of ideas. In that order. Still as long as it plays well, they return to the classic ‘work your way up through the underworld’ story and it’s not set in ‘da hood’ I’m sure i’ll get along fine with it.

    • I also spotted that, signature rockstar humour – love it

  9. For me. Anticlimax. Looks nice, but still a tad too serious for me.

    • To be fair, it’s always had a serious ‘vibe’ throughout the setting, but it was the things that you could do outside of the main missions & the general humour that made it what it was – They had lost a bit of that with San Andreas & moreso with GTA IV, so I just hope it’s a return to form.

      • I wouldn’t say Vice City was that serious at all, especially given it was basically just an homage to Scarface.

  10. It looks great. And it doesn’t look grey either. I’d have preferred Vice City, mind, but not bad.

    • To be fair, there are parts of that trailer that look a lot like Vice City. Several parts in fact, one huge map maybe?

      • Hopefully it’ll have a similar vibe. I just want something far less serious and a bit more colourful and fun.

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