Syndicate ‘Hostile Takeover’ Trailer Brings 4 Player Co-op

EA has released a brand spanking new four player co-op trailer for its newly rebooted shooter, Syndicate.

The ‘Hostile Takeover’ video demonstrates that you’ve got to have friends to get anywhere in the business world, especially if your idea of a ‘legitimate business acquisition’ is to blast all the staff and assets of your competition into pieces.


Business as usual then?

Source: YouTube



  1. Not keen on FPS games but it looks rather good.

  2. Not pushed about the co-op but the game is looking quite good visually, hopefully the gameplay will measure up too.

  3. that’s not syndicate as far as i’m concerned.

    could be a good game, but it’s not syndicate.

    • having not played the first game/s I cant comment, but it is a completely different genre isn’t it? It was an RTS? I assume due to the difficulty of making a new FPS game, they’re hoping that using an older franchise name would boost sales

    • This could be any coop FPS with a cyber punk make over. This is not Syndicate.

  4. Its looking better and better in my eyes.

  5. I think this game looks pretty good, but i have no gamer friends, so the co-op is immediately redundant. Playing with strangers also sucks, because they’re usually uncooperative.

  6. I think they released this trailer on the wrong day…

    Looks good, though.

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