‘Dead Island’ Developer Trademarks ‘Dead World’

In the games industry, common sense tells us that games which score and sell well will likely receive a sequel. So the fact that Dead Island developer ‘Techland’ might be making one isn’t really news.

However, it does seem possible that they’ve already decided on a title for the unannounced sequel, as the Polish developer just trademarked the name ‘Dead World’ in the U.S. Although developers and publishers trademark names all the time that they don’t end up using, it does make you wonder if their aspiration is to take the game to multiple locations around the globe in the inevitable sequel.


So how ’bout it? Who wants to kill zombies on every continent?

Source: Siliconera



  1. as good as Dead Island is (still trudging my way through it) its almost too big! Dead World? think i might sadly pass if it were to be any bigger :(

  2. Yes! This is great news. I didn’t want Dead Island to end, so a new and larger playground is more than welcome.
    I hope they take their time with it though, and ensure pure zombie awesomeness.

  3. I don’t know but Dead World sounds like a zombie oriented MMO to me. I still have to give Dead Island a try when the price comes down and after I finished the rest of my games.

    • I thought that as well, i think that, an MMO would be good though.

  4. If they can iron out the flaws of the first, a sequel could be awesome! Is there any news on the DLC yet?

  5. Still haven’t completed Dead Island yet. It’s fun but the story and emotion which I wanted in it sadly is not there. It’s boring and uninspired.

  6. Fix Dead Island first and released the promised DLC before even thinking of a sequel.

  7. Dead Island was an absolute blast, played it pretty much non stop with a few of my friends. Really enjoyed it despite the bugs (annoying but didn’t ruin it for me personally). I would probably make this a day 1 purchase.

  8. They can get rid of the zombies and replace them with more exciting undead beings. (Demonic tentacles) Well zombies can co-exist but its going to far.

  9. Isn’t Dead World just a boring name to anyone? Dead island, yawn, dead world, yawn, dead nation, yawn. I’m not complaining about the games, but can’t people be a bit more inventive with zombie game titles..? They should hire a Japanese team to do the game titles, that would be great. Other than that, I think a multi continental zombie adventure would be great, sand and sun, then snowstorm, jungle, great scope for variety, would be better than just grey city #1, grey city #2 etc. I imagine travelling on planes and trains is pretty much a no go after a zombie apocalypse, unless you own a private jet, so would boats be used?

  10. This sounds like an MMORPG for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, but i could be wrong.

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