Alan Wake Returning

Microsoft cheerleader and podcaster, Major Nelson, yesterday confirmed that Alan Wake’s next outing would be a downloadable affair. Following on from the news that the game would be revealed during the two hour exclusive trailer reel that is the VGA awards, the Major tweeted:

We can confirm that this new “Alan Wake” game will be a fully standalone experience and released on Xbox LIVE.


Obviously, Remedy are keeping their lips sealed until the exclusive deal with the VGAs sees the trailer come to light but there has been some speculation about the title. It was rumoured, earlier this year, that it would be called Alan Wake: Night Springs and today a site called XBLAFans is claiming to have the startup menu screen, photographed off-screen (below).

It’s all suitably mysterious. If by “mysterious” you mean “sold to an awards show of questioned integrity but leaking anyway”.



  1. Excuse me while i go WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Loved the first Alan Wake, was a GOTY 2010 contender for me (though Heavy Rain took care of that), so really glad to see more Alan Wake. Loved the story and the story telling, was great fun.

  2. Guess they are cutting this one down abit then as it’s a downloadable only title?

    • Not necessarily, you get games that are available on disk and for download. Maybe they just feel that going download-only is the best option. Though in saying that it definitely seems like a separate story, and it could very well be a smaller package that will bridge the gap between the first game and the sequel.

  3. Best crack on an finish the first one then….

  4. questionable integrity? whatever do you mean?
    just because two of their game of the year nominations aren’t even out yet and two others have only been out a couple of weeks is no reason to doubt their integrity. ^_^

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