First Teaser Screen for New Alan Wake Released

Say hello to the first screen of the new Alan Wake game! You can see the sign for ‘Night Springs’, which is what the game was rumoured to be called a while back.


Alan also seems to be dressed as a construction worker, complete with power tool.

Source: Game Informer 



  1. I wish Alan Wake and this sequel would come out on Steam (I know PSN won’t happen *sniff*). The screenshot looks nice. Doesnen’t say much baout the game but it’s better than the one Bioware released.

    • Total brainfart typopalooza: *Doesn’t say much about…

    • Me too, I’d really love to play it! This looks quite cool

  2. I really hope they dont keep with the same gameplay – the “shine light then shoot” got damn tedious.

  3. Loved the original and this looks great but I really don’t want to have to buy a 360 for it.

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