MW3’s “No Russian” Equivalent – Not Pleasant

Warning, MW3 spoilers below.

Modern Warfare 2 baited the tabloids with the infamous No Russian scene, but this year’s game takes things a little further.  Too far?


Don’t watch if you’re easily offended, and also want to avoid any spoilers.  We’re assuming this will sit behind a similar question to the one that skipped over the scene in MW2.

The section involves a terrorist attack on London, an exploding van and the release of toxic gas.  And, in dramatic fashion, the death of a family.

Via CVG, Kotaku.

Update: the video has been removed by Activision

Update: There’s another video but expect Activision to have this one removed soon too.



  1. For me, No Russian was far far worse than this. You, the character, were committing the massacre.

    This though, if a city was to have such a big chemical attack then many families (including children) would die and while I realise they have probably only put the family there to cause controversy to me is is still relevant as it tries to shock and cause an emotional response to the death of the family (which it doesnt with me because I cant get past the fact that it is just pixels).

    I also know that this opinion will be unpopular, but I felt like sharing it anyway, I dont fancy another “outrage” topic in games media for another month.

    • Exactly, committing the atrocity yourself is like you detonating the bomb in the truck, which you’re obviously not doing here.

    • Completley agree couldn’t have put it better myself.

    • yep, its pixels, an attempt by Activision to create hype/controversy and get them in the papers again before the game releases, didnt find it that shocking tbh.

  2. I don’t think it’s that bad – look at what happened to Sean/Jason in Heavy Rain. The fact it was a terrorist attack doesn’t make it that much worse.

  3. yi get the feeling they are doing this more to get lots of media coverage rather than to further the story in the game.

    but maybe i’m just being too cynical.

    • Doubt it, the game features terrorist attacks in multiple countries – it fits.

      • It may fit in the storyline, but they don’t need to express the violence in that way. The news report after the scene would’ve been more than appropriate, but without the shock factor of seeing a family blown up.

      • It wasn’t that bad, within a split-second they went from standing to being dead on the ground, there was no over-the-top blood/guts. But because it’s CoD it’ll get slated. Terrorist attacks happen so it’s not over-imaginative.

        It’s a game where you shoot people in the face for Christ sake, if you’re worried about this then the whole game should be banned.

      • It’s Call of Duty. You gotta be there and feel it, that’s the point of the game.

      • i’m not saying it’s that bad, i’m saying i believe it was made specifically to generate news about this game.

        you can’t buy the publicity this kind of thing generates.
        the daily mail does a piece on it, and everybody knows the name modern warfare.

    • No you’re not. They need to sell the game and there is no such thing as bad press.

      • Yep, you’re right. The only bad press is no press

    • Yep, It’s not really ‘shocking’ or ‘offensive’ to me, but it’s sooooo obvious that this is just IW/Acti saying ‘LoOk aT UzZzz!!!1! WeRe ReAlLy CoNtRaVeRsHuL!!!11!’ and trying to cause a stir for the sole purpose of adverisement.

  4. No worse than you see in movies and your not controlling the terrorist. However no doubt it will get blpwn out of proportion in the media. Like when resistance 1 had a scene in a church… pathetic really

  5. WTF!!! I knew what was coming and it was just as shocking.

  6. & since when is London ever that quiet?

  7. WHAT THE HELL!? Not even Hollywood dares to do that(i think). There is no reason to include this in MW3 Acti!

    I suspect the Daily Fail will wet themselves with excitment when they see this.

    It’s more of a WTH moment then emotional one.

    • It provides free advertising (If the news picks up on it) and to some people, help them get attached to the characters and what is happening within the game.

      • But we know virtually naff all about those characters except that their purpose was to be killed off.

        They should have done it off screen and have a reporter at the scene after it happened.

  8. Not watched it, Don’t want to spoil any of the story before my purchase Tuesday. I don’t get the fuss. Its just pixels. The walking dead had a pretty shocking start to (Series 2) Ep 2. Where’s the hoohaa about that?

    • I’m with Mikey, don’t want to be spoil until I complete the game then maybe I’ll chat with Mikey and discuss over the plot and such (Of course after Mikey is finished the campaign first =P )

      ROLL ON TOMORROW….. errr I mean Roll on 08.11.11 *whistling*

      • bastard lol! although I am going to pick up uncharted in 30 mins :D

    • Indeed. The scene at the begining of Dead Space 2 where the guy (not a necromorph) cuts his own throat is more graphic than this, but no one complained. As for it being a terrorist attack – its not on the family, it’s on the country, the family just fall victim as would so many in such an event. They show one family to make you connect more emotionally. Knee-jerk reactions.

    • The argument of “it’s just pixels” is a very weak one. It’s no different than saying “oh it’s not real” for a movie, or “oh it’s just a drawing” and so on. It’s not a get-out-of-jail free card, it allows people a medium to depict things but that doesn’t give permission to do whatever you wish with it.

      • The difference between pixels shaped like an adult and pixels shaped like a child is not enough to cause any outrage for me personally.

      • you should be able to do whatever the hell you please, so long as it doesn’t break any laws and people are warned of what may be depicted

      • There’s a complete difference to what you can do and what you should do.

      • ^^^ This man speaketh the truth.

      • but its a lot less graphic that pictures or movies. I’m assuming you don’t see the child in pieces. (I haven’t watched it) Christ, those adverts showing the suffering in 3d world countries are more disturbing than anything I’ve ever seen in a videogame. Again, theres no public or media outcry against those, And those are real!

    • as i’ve said else where its different depending what the point of seeing the scene is. in the walking dead its all about emotions. you really care for the characters. In Cod everything is far too shallow and action packed. Having something like this in the game doesn’t say to me they are trying to pull at heart strings. it says they are trying to grab headlines

  9. I don’t think there was any need for this. Perhaps if they changed certain characters in the scene it wouldn’t be as bad…but that actually shocked me even though I kinda knew what was coming.

    • Forgot to say…even though it shocked me I don’t think it needs the media outcry that it is sure to get.

  10. I’ve just turned 40 and seen a lot of rather nasty things in my life so far but, this is crossing the line of decency. There is nothing more precious than young, innocent life and to use a young girl in a scene which is obviously meant to shock and grab headlines is not acceptable in my eyes.

    Let’s be honest, when they plan MW4 how can they top a child being murdered in the street? I can think of only a couple of more sinister avenues for them to go down, and neither of them are palatable.

    You’ll almost never hear me swear son I don’t say this lightly – Sick b#st#rds!

    • No offence but this is the most over the top reaction I’ve seen. Sick? Really? They aren’t condoning or glorifying the act, just displaying something that could quite possibly happen. It’s not particularly gory – the camera moves up as it happens, then you just see them on the floor again. It’s an 18 rated game, you have the option to turn it off, and films have shown far worse things than this in a more realistic manner.

      • Over the top? Not at all.

      • Guess he’s not watched many films in 40 years.

      • Name me one film in which you see a child extra get murdered in the street?

      • Hostel 2.

      • I’m being hypocritical here as I own this, but the original Assault on Precinct 13.

      • @Hostel 2 – Fantastic example, a film that is essentially torture porn.

      • @ Youles. I take your point though this isn’t really a niche product, it’s very much mainstream and depicts a young girl being blown up in the middle of street.
        May I ask where you would draw the line if you find this acceptable in a mainstream, albeit 18 rated, product? I’ll list some ideas for you…
        Child molestation or torture
        Rape of children
        How far away would the camera need to be to make the above topics acceptable? 10 foot, 50 foot?

        Most of the films I recall where children have died have not shown the child being blown up, rather a cut away shot with the viewer left to form their own vision. The clip from MW3 above is just there to raise a storm and get free publicity.

      • @djhsecondnature – but still, an example. And there are more films that I’ve not seen, than I have seen. Nofi also mentions one, and I’m sure there are more.

        @Amphleett – Thanks for not taking my point personally. My point was that I find it hard to beleive that in your life, to date, of all the thing you’ve seen, this appears to be the most indecent. Sure life is innocent etc, but this is a game. I would say this would be too much if a) it was more detailed and graphic (the camera moves up so you miss the worst of it), b) you controlled the van or explosion, c) if you were the terrorist, d) if this was somehow glorified, or for fun, or for in-game points. As I said to Nofi the game is telling you a story and you are supposed to hate the enemy, and to make you hate the enemy they are showing them to kill men, women and children without exception – which we know terrorist do.

        I would certainly draw the line at the things you have mentioned.

        My other thoughts are that so many here are hypocrites – who will slate this whilst they’ll play games such as GTA. Like killing an adult is somehow much less morally wrong than killing a child.

      • @Youles, EVERY situation where a crime is committed against a child is even worse than when it is committed against an adult.
        BOTH are horribly wrong, but you go check what’ll get you a longer prison sentence- killing an adult or a child.

        Ok, my main comment: What I don’t get about this is surely Call of Duty is a big enough brand that it doesn’t need this controversy to sell the game. I don’t remember this with Black Ops, is it just an Infinity Ward thing?

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