Rainbow 6 Patriots ‘Target Gameplay Footage’ Released

Released just before the weekend, this “target gameplay footage” of Rainbow 6 Patriots is absolutely gripping, and in my opinion certainly more affecting than that Modern Warfare 3 trailer.

I’m interested…

Source: YouTube


  1. i really cant wait for this ! the co-op on this game is great and im sure will make for some thoroughly entertaining TSA meets

  2. That looks stunning. I’m all of a sudden extremely excited for this.

  3. Feel kind of sorry for that guy…

    Looks great, hope they will focus on the campaign, I don’t think nowadays they could take on COD or BF, so they should fine-tune the single player mode to the max ( whole game co-op ? ).

    • yeah, not enough games have proper co-op.
      it’s usually just a few missions or just competitive.
      a game like rainbow six where you’re playing a member of a team would be ideally suited to campaign co-op.

  4. that was certainly a lot more disturbing than the cod video.

    this doesn’t feel as cynical as the family video thing from cod, it seems more relevant to the plot rather than just inserting a bit of video showing a family getting blown up, but this one is sure to stir up a hell of a lot more controversy than the cod one will i reckon.

    a house invasion, suicide bombing in new york and killing cops.
    fox news will have a field day with this one.

    the gameplay does look pretty decent though if that video ends up being accurate.

    • No amount af PR from Ubi will stop the bad press unfortuatly, but if they keep the ‘ Tom Clancy ‘ part of the name it should help as he is a well known for his fiction novels and what comes with his sort of games.

    • “this doesn’t feel as cynical as the family video thing from cod, it seems more relevant to the plot”

      I don’t think this is fair. You’re comparing a leaked video taken out of context with a carefully crafted official video.

      You’ve also likely played neither of the games (definitely not Patriots) so how can you comment on whether it’s relevant to the plot?

      If anything, knowing little of the game’s plot other than terrorism strikes around the world, I would say the murdering of an innocent family is VERY relevant to the plot. But I’ve not played it either so I’ll reserve judgment.

      • maybe it’s not fair, but that’s just the way it feels to me.

      • Well, at least you admit your opinion is baseless. Kudos for that.

      • Nope, it’s hazelam’s opinion. By it’s very nature it’s based on hazelam’s feelings and thus, not baseless.

        I too find this plot particularly, and the any killing of innocents in games for that matter, needless. Whether it’s part of plot or not, this is just a cheap way to drum up emotion.

      • If you have an opinion on something but can’t back up your opinion, sure, it’s still an opinion and Hazelam is entitled to it. It’s also a baseless opinion.

        Here’s a mind-bender for you: it’s MY opinion that Hazelam’s opinion is baseless. Is my opinion baseless?

      • But as it was already stated, it’s how someone feels and if you term that baseless then fine. But you can base opinion on how you feel.

  5. Can anyone see ‘Hardcore Heavy Rain’?

    But this works for me, unlike MW. Unlike No-Russian or that last controversial scene it did actually add somthing.

  6. Im more interested in the fact that this is a target render for a game coming out in 2013. Is Ubisoft practically confirming this as a PS4 launch game? Its not too far fetched….is it?

    • I don’t see anything here the current gen can’t do. I’m not saying it doesn’t look pretty, but I don’t think they NEED a PS4/Xbox720 for this.

  7. Saw this earlier today. Looks very interesting. Will keep my eyes open for this one.

  8. This was released on the day the game was announced! :P
    Looks brilliant though, can’t wait for 2013!

  9. This looks really good, shame there’s that ‘not actual game footage’ label putting me off… I thought this was more controversial than the recent cod thing too, it seemed much better in it’s execution (pun not intended) and delivery in the game, incorporating into the gameplay, not just as a backstory.

  10. It looks good, it is a bit controvsial but it does seem like it adds more to the plot. And it seems to focus on grey areas. Do you chuck a hostage with a bomb vest off the bridge to save thousands of lives or do you risk thousands of lives to try and defuse the bomb?

    They are obviously influnced by Heavy Rain. Hopefully, they will be able to live up to the target gameplay. :)

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