Rainbow 6: Patriots Rebuilt From Scratch

The team working on Rainbow 6: Patriots had to “start again” after finding the original game “wasn’t working.”

Ubisoft NA President, Laurent Detoc, said it was a decision taken by the publisher’s editorial group who wanted to steer the project in a new direction.

As a result, the game will now launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with other platforms yet to be announced.


“Rainbow had to be remade. Now [the team] are going to have the benefit of the new consoles, if and when it comes out. It’s one of those examples where you try, it doesn’t work, you try again. If it doesn’t work, we’re not going to bring it to you.”

Detoc didn’t comment on whether the game’s core theme of domestic terrorism will carry through or even if the game will still launch as “Rainbow Six: Patriots”.

Source: IGN


  1. Please please please have another terrorist hunt mode, please.

    • Terrorist hunt on Vegas 2 was brilliant. Hard as nails though

      • Yep, I think there was just one map I could never succeed on. I think it was a rooftop/building site type thing. You can’t beat going online and doing a Terrorist Hunt with a couple of mates. I think it’s one of the few games where you really do need to work as a team and communicate. A hell of a lot of people would kick you from the game if you didn’t have mic.

      • Propwr co-op required to succeed. Genius.

  2. I’ll even take PS4 remakes for now while we wait!!!

    • I’d be more than happy with a PS4 polished version of Vegas 2.

      • I’d take both of them and HD remakes of all the others too. Would be a great package to buy.

  3. Been waiting for this for ages, R6V2 is still one of my favorite games.

  4. Really want this to exist, I loved the Vegas games. Hell, if they just remade the originals, and improved the enemy AI I’d be happy.

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