The Metal Gear Solid HD ‘Surprise’

Last week Konami put up a teaser on the MGS HD site.

Well, Konami has now unveiled their big ‘surprise.’ Are you sure you’re ready?


Konami has announced that Haruna Kojima, member of pop group AKB48, will be the face of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection’s promotional campaign.

The whole play on the Spring theme? Well Haru means Spring in Japanese and was just a play on Haruna’s name.

Here’s some extra inside info from our pop correspondent, Tuffcub:

AKB48 are named after Akihabara, the area in Tokyo where the band’s own theater is located. The group consists of four Teams with Teams A, K and B having 16 girls and Team 4 having eleven members making 59 girls in the entire group. Since 2009 the have had ten number one singles in Japan and are ridiculously popular.

Outside of their country they are virtually unheard of so Kojima’s big reveal has had less of an impact.

He’s also unearthed this video of them in action.

Source: Andriasang



  1. …ok then.

  2. Its a nice juxtaposition.

  3. Yaaaaaay!!! :D

    I mean, eh, wut?

  4. Bad decision Konami as noone outside of Japan has heard of them. I had hoped it would be more information of MGS Rising or reversing the delay of MGS HD for the EU as America gets it this week.(according to IGN).

    • LOL, you realise Konami are a Japanese company, the teaser was written in Japanese on their Japanese website, and you were expecting a non-Japanese centric reveal?
      Would’ve been nice, but no matter.

      This group looks awesome, in a crazy way.

      • I know Tefling. I didn’t realise that it was the Japanese site that was teasing everyone. Serves me right for multitasking.

    • It seems as though this was for Japan only and everyone else just got hyped for it.

    • Pfft,shush if new people can listen to the best type of pop in the world (J-pop) then so be it. *shrugs*

    • Sounds like they’re next gonna be talking about Rising at the Spike awards.

  5. Right…

  6. Mmmmmmm… Japanese girls…

    • She can be my Snake Eater anytime ;)

      • You got a Solid Snake then!

      • Must resist pun including the words “liquid” and “snake”…

    • Ditto. Mmmmmm Japanese girls.

      *Wonders whether to go to Japan now.

  7. Eh?…oh.

    • That’s teletubby language isn’t it?

      • Lol it seemed appropriate at the time,i did watch that video before my first cuppa:).

  8. The UK is lagging behind, we simply don’t have enough people in our pop groups over here…

    • i know, how can they even be called groups if they don’t have at least a dozen members? ^_^

  9. Wake me up when Kojima has something of worth to say. Fed up of him talking about the food he eats. More MGS:rising, Less Sushi.

  10. yey :(

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