Attention TSA Members!

Sorry about the needy headline, we really want all our members to read this. We’re doing some work to the website in order to try to streamline things and make it run a little bit smoother and a little bit quicker. We also want to limit the amount of information we keep about members, even if that information is only really limited to email addresses.

We made a recent update to our terms when you log in as a member and we posted notice back in August on the forums to let people know that we were going to cull the inactive accounts in our database. Basically, the size of the database is making it tricky to work on anything that links to a member’s name. This is obviously something we’d like to avoid.

Over the years, thousands of members have signed up to enter competitions, leave a single comment or simply because they forgot previous sign in details and created a new account. These accounts are easily identifiable because they have so few TSA Points. You get a point for every day you visit the site and are signed in and there are two points awarded for commenting on a story.

So, next week we’ll be deleting all accounts from our database that have fewer than ten TSA Points. Obviously this won’t apply to brand new accounts, we don’t want to delete someone who only just signed up and is going to go on to become a great contributor to the community. We’ll only allow accounts which are over 30 days old to be erased. This is a permanent measure and one which we’ll probably repeat from time to time (or automate) to ensure that the member database is kept as relevant as possible.

We think that any member who hasn’t visited the site ten times or commented five times is probably not going to miss their account but if there are any serious issues with this, please leave a comment and we’ll try to work with you to remedy any problems.

If you need to check your TSA Points total, you can do so by signing in to the site and looking here.



  1. Phew! I don’t comment much & generally forget to sign in when I visit so thought I’d be one of the culled! But I have 60 TSA points so I’m safe (for now! ;) )

    • Haha, i was worried too when i first read this! Although, i am safe :P

      I visit here literally every day, usually more than once, but for some reason, even though i click ‘always sign in’ after a few days i’m always logged out again, and i can never be bothered to keep signing in every time i visit. So, i now only sign it to comment XP

      It’s strange as i don’t have this problem on other sites. Maybe my browser’s just funky?

  2. Hope my 18,000+ points are enough to scrape home to safety.

    • No sorry, you clearly don’t contribute enough. Away with you.

    • Quality not quantity :-)

  3. Good to hear, must be why its been so slow recently.

  4. 6808 and still going, so i think im safe!

  5. Cull!

    Do the points get shared out among the loyal? ;-)

    • haha, that would be great!

    • That would be hilarious! speaking of points. I miss the old progress bar :'(

      • didnt realise it had gone until you just mentioned!

      • Yea same here loved the progress, especially when it was 98% full, i would go into a full on commentating frenzy!

  6. I love the smell of cleansing in the morning.

  7. Yay! I have more than 10 points.

  8. *sharpens blade* Time for a cull streak.

  9. After these are culled, will the post count on the Ipad comp go down to under the 200 mark? ;)

    • I like your thinking .

    • I think 1 or 2 big competitons should be open to active members with a certain amount of TSA points.

      It’s unfair if a kid just signed up for the competition and wins and never comes back.

  10. Good job too! Lazy, non-posting scum ;)
    Always a good indicator you have a popular website when you have too many accounts to cater for! :D

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