Batman: Arkham City PC Release Date Revealed

Warner Bros have announced that Batman: Arkham City will be released on November 25th on PC in the UK.

Arkham City for PC was originally scheduled to release at the same time as the Xbox 360 and PS3 version but was delayed.


This latest release date signals another delay as, according to Steam, the game should have released on PC on the 18th of November in the UK and November 22nd in the US. An official reason for the delays hasn’t been given.

Peter gave Batman Arkham City a pristine 10/10 in the game’s review, saying “Arkham City is an exceptional achievement.”

Source: Press Release



  1. I wonder if it is techinal problems or if Warner are trying to force more DRM on the Batcomputer version?

    Although they may be trying to push it back to avoid it getting caught up in November madness.

  2. cant wait im spoilt for choice ! BF3, Skyrim, FM !

  3. Batman! Running down the alleyway, lorry comes the other way, Flatman!

    • This made me chuckle. :) It looks like the Dark Knight needs to wear some reflective clothing. *alerts H&S jobsworths*:P

  4. Weird it’s delayed. But why can’t they also make it for mac, surely now they have a bit more market share there should be more games for it..

    • Its not weird.. I think that they knew of the issues plaguing the console versions and were working on those issues for the PC version.

      • Issues? I don’t imagine they’ll be addressing it’s similarity to Arkham Asylum or the cost of the Catwoman content.

  5. i think we PC users outgh to be thankful for delays, after all steam keeps making us buy games via subliminal messages and not giving us time to play them so this is developers helping us fight the insidious nature of steam*

    *bought tropico 3 off steam for a fiver the other day, been curious for awhile and couldnt ignore the price ive now racked up over 10 hours of gameplay :s

  6. Hope the delay was for removing GFWL. The worst thing that ever happened to PC gaming.

  7. I looked at the date earlier and thought 10 days until I can finally play Batman but another week it is. I don’t even like Batman but Asylum was amazing.

  8. This is fucking bullshit. They better integrate some free DLC to make up this forever long delay! Think they’ve had time to go over everything or do a Day 1 patch so we dont have to wait…. Any pc gamer pissed off who wants this – send complaints to WB.

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