Limited Edition Legend Of Zelda 3DS Revealed

A Legend of Zelda Themed 3DS has been revealed and it’s coming to Europe.  Nintendo seem to be pulling out all the stops to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Legend of Zelda series.

The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS bundle (yes that’s the full name) will come in black and have logos and borders that represent Hyrule and the series. It is expected to release November 25th.


The design looks amazing and now I’m tempted to buy a 3DS.

Source: NintendoWorldReport



  1. Are folk still buying the 3DS?
    I suppose they’ve got to try something to tempt folk to buy it.

  2. I would buy that if I had the funds to allow me.

  3. I’m just gonna be spiteful as a launch day adopter and say that looks tacky…. O_O.

  4. hi think i’d rather wait till they bring out a 3DSL or whatever they’ll call a larger screen version of it.

    i finally got to see one in person, and the screen is bloody tiny.

    • And it’ll have the new stick. probably.

  5. So tempting

  6. The front looks nice. but the pad area looks dull. Wont buy..

  7. It looks pretty good, but when it’s opened the design is turned upside down. Also, it doesn’t have a second stick, so I wouldn’t buy it until we get confirmation that there won’t be new hardware with the stick built in.

  8. Why would anyone buy this when PSV and the next version of 3DS is just around the corner?

  9. Looks stunning, but I’m pretty sure the next 3DS is going to have 2 sticks, so I’ll wait for that.

  10. Very nice but considering they’ve pretty much admitted screwing up the design by creating the second stick add-on thing, I won’t even be considering a 3DS until they release a re-designed handheld.

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