PSN Store Update: 09/11/11

Another week’s worth of digital releases is upon us. At this time of year, with so much strong competition at retail, it’s often thought to be quite brave to release digitally and try to compete with the massive marketing juggernauts. On the other hand, how many people bought Uncharted, Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3 at a supermarket and got store credit as part of a bundle deal?

[drop2]So, what are you going to crack open your PSN wallet for this week?


There’s the release of Premier Manager, the PSN’s football management sim, at a discounted price of £9.99 (usually £13.99) if you’re feeling a bit pensive and sporty.

Keeping on the same track, Football Manager Handheld for the PSP makes its appearance, hopefully that will be a similar quality to the PC version that I love so much.

We’ve also got the demo for Rayman: Origins and some good news for Move fans too as the demo for Medieval Moves comes out today with the full game due next week.

As always, head through to the next page for your huge list of everything.

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  1. That’s an amazing screenshot.

  2. 60 euro for black ops on psn?! Hell no.

    • But its not so bad – Plussers apparently get a whole 20% off!!


  3. Call of Duty: Black Ops (£47.99/€59.99)

    Best laugh I’ve had all week.

    • Although people say games RRP at this kind of price in some places accross Europe, surely not after it’s been out a year? Really?

      Oh, and just the Rayman demo for me. It looks gorgeous and should help with my gulf war syndrome after BF3 and MW3 this week.

      • Sadly, that’s still the price it’s at at most places here in Holland.

      • Blimey, that seems ridiculous. I would at least buy the disc version so you would have some kind of re-sell value.

    • Some people buy them off the store at that price because they rate it after purchase.
      Stumps why they would but some must do.

  4. Zombie Apocalypse 2 perhaps?

  5. Just Black Ops for me. Best £47.99 spent…..ever……

    For that price they could at least include all the map packs, then the pricing may make a bit of sense….. Just.

  6. Saint’s Row 3 packs!!! why not release it on 16th the game is out on 18th or am I missing something?!?!?

    Well nothing for me this week!

    • Confused me too. I was starting to think they’d released it without telling me.

      • Makes you wonder SR3 is out this Friday rather than next week!

      • I hope not. Purely because I’ll be torn between skyrim and SR3. I only have money for one and the other for Christmas.

  7. I hope Sorcery comes out too. but it looks like it turned into Medieval Moves.

  8. A few of the demo’s for me and FF:WoFM for me (sucker for the game books). Is Move Mindbenders going to be a disk release as well or only from PSN?

    • Just found the disk release via google, could be tempted.

  9. I wish there was a way to auto-download the Access episodes.

  10. Not much for me, might pick up the demos. Got my Payday The Heist code today so I’m happy.

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