Rumour: Next Xbox Is Codenamed ‘Ten’, Out 2012

According to the latest Windows Weekly podcast, the next console from Microsoft under the Xbox brand is codenamed ‘ten’, and is expected ‘holiday 2012’ – about twelve months from now.

The podcast is hosted by one Leo Laporte but it’s Paul Thurrott that’s talking about Ten – he writes lots for Windows-based publications and, you’d imagine, knows lots of folk that know other folk…


Of course, this could be complete nonsense, or something as simple as an Xbox revision, but we’ve heard sillier rumours (‘Xbox Loop’, anyone) over the last few months.  Industry chatter currently pins the successor to the 360 at around about 2013-14.

If – if – this is anything like true, what happens to Halo 4, which was originally scheduled for the same time period for the current Xbox 360…?

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  1. Sometimes I think companies secretly support articles like this just to confuse the competition. Once Sony and Nintendo see this, they’re going to waste time (and money) trying to figure out if its really true. Since it comes from a somewhat credible source, they have to at least consider MS might really be releasing a new console. If either company was hoping to be first with a next gen release this could cause some seriously timeline issues. Although I could see MS going with an E3 reveal and a fall launch, it would create alot of buzz in the gaming world, and not hinder sales of the 360 until several months before the “X” launch. And since there’s more backwards compatibility with the 360 than the PS3, Halo could potential be played on either system with XBL with the “X” console receiving a texture patch for the extra shinny.

    • Nintendo already have their next-gen. It’s the Wii U.

      • That’s the point. Yesterday Nintendo believed that their console was going to be the only new console released in 2012. Now they have to consider that MS will launch a new console too. Just being the only new thing guarantees a certain amount of sales, but if the people that would have bought a Wii-U just because its the only new console know or assume a new Xbox will be available several months later they might chose to wait and by a Xbox instead. If true, it changes the way Nintendo will approach their launch, which costs time and money. Its a way for MS to manipulate a competitors business, and thereby improve theirs. Its like a poker bluff, you have to consider the possibilities that they might have you beat, or that their just messing with your game (no pun intended)

  2. I wonder what optical storage MS will use. I hope Sony and it’s partners don’t license blu ray to MS.
    At least they have HD DVD tech they could resurrect to make a “Xbox disc” or just go the download way.

    • Why, does it have to be optical?

  3. I highly doubt they’ll release it in 2012. They will most likely want/have a huge reveal at an E3, and then if it’s in 2012, they will release it less than six months after? Not gonna happen. That’s not long enough time to build the hype.

  4. Think Holidays 2012 would be too soon a release date given details only just leaking, but Halo 4 as a launch title would be awesome. Would be a blow to all customers who only just bought a 360 for Kinect. Think I’ll wait for PS4 anywho!

  5. its taken me too long to truly enjoy the xbox. got one in the january after release and only really invested time into it over the past 6months (i only played exclusives on it). Gears alone is worth owning the console imo. Halo always fails to draw me in for some reason

  6. Xbox Ten… eighty?

  7. Bit of a rubbish name if true. It’s like they forgot about the name and had 30 secs to name it before showing it in a meeting. What happened to Next as the name?

  8. Ten?! One word for that name: bilge.

  9. They jump around with numbers a bit… 360, ten, what? I quite like knowing that in all likely hood the next PS is going to be PS4, it’s just simpler

  10. the fact that there are so many games on Xbox360 requiring multiple discs and installations, that wouldn’t be necessary on PS3, means Microsoft are going to want to really up their game on the next console.

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