Uncharted 3 Sold Nearly 4M Copies On Day One

According to a recent SCEE press release (as flagged by VG247,) Naughty Dog blockbuster, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, sold 3.8 million units in its first day alone.

To put that into perspective, Epic’s Gears of War 3 managed to fly past the 3 million milestone on launch week, Battlefield 3 having recently shifted 10 million in the same period of time across all three available platforms.


To verify, the statistic is not for how many units were shipped to retailers, it’s not how many were actually flogged to you, the gamers.



  1. That’s awesome but I’m unsure if it’s true.

    Also if it’s true, then this is what advertising can do. I’ve seen a lot of Uncharted 3 adverts. Saw more UC3 adverts in 1 day than I have done for any other PS3 game ever.

    Also even if the story lacked compared to UC3, the graphics and multiplayer make up for it. Coming from a MW and MW2 multiplayer addict where I spent 30 days a year playing MW2 (nerdy I know, addicted), I find UC3’s MP a lot more fun than MW3’s. The maps in MW3 are too open with campers.

    • All I can say to Sony is, don’t stop adverts until after the holiday season. I’m seeing MW3 and Skyrim adverts for 360.
      Also at least it’s “sold” and not “shipped”.

  2. Go drake, goty imo.

  3. Totally deserved. This is the best game this gen! I am aware of the scale of what I am saying there and stand by it

  4. Damn, that is A LOT. Never thought they could beat a top title like Gears of War like that.

    Good news for Vita as well with Uncharted as a launch title (it actually is the reason for me to get one).

  5. That is really well done for an exclusive game seeing as many multi platform games might not sell this well even in a few months

  6. Naughty Dog deserves huge credit, kudos to them, and go Drake ^^
    Looking foward to the next journey on PS Vita!

  7. Hang on… SCEE press release. So is that 3.8 million in total, or *just* for the SCEE region? If it is, that’s even better.

  8. Wow! It’s great to see a ps3 exclusive sell so well, especially so close to other big games being released. Still have to get myself, but still working my way through Dark Souls.

  9. Great stuff!

    In part, testament to the unbelievable work done in Uncharted2

  10. Great to read. Naught Dog must be well chuffed. Very well deserved.

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